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  • WOW! Art at Library Chalkboard by Brian Colley, Meghan Gillespie and Bailey Haines (Lynn Burton photo).

  • Julio Martinez of Denver’s Salsa Studio Colombia demonstrates the latest moves at the 12th annual Festival Las Americas in Sopris Park (Elizabeth Henry photo)

  • Carbondale Co-op celebrates a recent expansion (Laurie Guevara Stone photo)

  • Yeah Carbondale Life Guards! Matthew Wampler & Cheyenne Beightel (Jimmy Serrano photos)

  • Carlos Herrera pulls the pizza out of the Community Bread Oven. Dog salivates. (Lynn Burton photo)

  • Folks enjoy Dr. Robert Band in Redstone (Lynn Burton photo).

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This year's Phantom Ball theme is "Flashback to Woodstock," in honor of the 45th anniversary of the historic three day rock concert. Read more >

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The “back to school” buzz at Crystal River Elementary School this fall is not just about eager students with shiny new school supplies getting to know their new teachers. This year, the start of the school year is also about the start of a new chapter of CRES. Teachers, parents and community members are being invited to participate in a series of Vision to Action meetings this fall with the goal of selecting or developing a new model and a new identity for CRES by December 2014. Crystal River Elementary School staff participated in an all-day retreat last week facilitated by Colin Laird, who is also the Third Street Center director. Through a process of exploring their core educational beliefs and discussing the strengths and challenges of the school, the staff identified some possible models and strategies for the school to adopt. Laird will continue to work with the staff over the next couple of weeks to solidify the potential options. Read more >
Matthew Wampler and Cheyenne Beightel are both finishing their first summer as lifeguards at the John M. Fleet Swimming Pool in Carbondale. Matthew attends Roaring Fork High School and Cheyenne goes to Glenwood Springs High School. Both are looking forward to their junior year. Swimming is a core part of each of their lives. Matthew visited the swimming pool on a regular basis each summer as a child and Cheyenne had been on the Team Sopris swim team for six years. Due to this, they decided to become lifeguards and work at the Carbondale pool. Read more >
If you’ve wandered into the food co-op lately you may have noticed that it’s a lot more spacious. The store has expanded, and now has a table and chairs for people to hang out, socialize, and eat local organic food. The Carbondale Community Food Cooperative (CCFC) on Main Street is Carbondale’s only member-owned natural grocery store. There are currently 465 member-owners. A $75 lifetime membership fee means you own a share of the cooperative, have a voice in decision-making, receive weekend discounts and can order bulk items. Although the store wouldn’t be what it is today without its member-owners, anyone and everyone can shop there. Read more >
A lawsuit filed in federal court on July 29 names Carbondale Police Chief Gene Schilling and police officer Michael Zimmerman, and other co-defendants, after what the plaintiff calls an “active shooter drill” at Heritage Park Care Center on Oct. 16, 2013. In her lawsuit, Carbondale resident Michelle Meeker alleges that Zimmerman took her “hostage” with a “gun” while she was on duty as a registered nurse at Heritage Park and as a result, she “has suffered and continues to suffer significant damages, including severe mental and emotional distress, as a result of Defendant’s actions, which constitute intentional, willful and wanton violation of her rights under the United States Constitution and the laws of the United States and the State of Colorado.” Read more >
Carbondale’s busiest intersection will move one block to the north when Highway 133 construction begins and CDOT installs a temporary traffic light at Colorado Avenue to replace the Main Street traffic signal. Construction on the 1.9 mile, $9.4 million project is scheduled to start on May 27 and conclude in November, according to CDOT officials, and will bring the following improvements: • A round-about at the intersection of Highway 133 and Main Street; • A wider highway and reconfigured lanes, beginning at the Highway 82 intersection; • Additional sidewalks and trails; • Extensive landscaping up and down the entire stretch, including the roundabout itself. “When finished, the plan … will allow traffic to flow more efficiently, increase pedestrian and motorist safety, and enhance the aesthetics on this … highway,” said a CDOT press release. Read more >
Local businessman Federico Peña, who has forged the beginnings of a small commercial empire in Carbondale, set his sights on becoming an aircraft pilot early in his life. But once he’d accomplished that goal, he said in a recent interview with The Sopris Sun, he realized he had other ambitions in life that had nothing to do with ferrying bankers around in private jets, which was what he was doing for several years after earning his wings. Read more >