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  • Carbondale cows know how to present themselves when they stroll thru town  (Jane Bachrach photo)

  • Halloween Happening @ CRES on Oct 29 from 1-4pm (Courtesy photo)

  • Just went you thought it was safe Pumpkin Kayak Man appears! (Lynn Burton photo).

  • Lorenzo Andrade & fellow Seniors look to win on Senior Night, Thursday @ 6pm

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Carbondale (meaning residents, businesses, the town government, etc.) in 2014 spent nearly $18 million in 2014 on energy costs, about $11 million of which was associated with transportation, according to the groups that keep track of such things.
But over the past decade, changes in how the town’s energy resources are generated and used (and, more particularly, not used) are believed to have cut local energy costs considerably, according to town officials and representatives of the Clean Energy Economy for the Region (CLEER), Garfield Clean Energy (GCE) and its related organizations. Read more >
In the latest move by Democrat John Acha to topple 20-year Republican incumbent Garfield County Commissioner John Martin, the county Democrats have formally called for an investigation into Martin’s spending of taxpayer money over the course of the last several years.
Democrats have accused Martin of embezzlement concerning his expenses over three years of attendance at conferences of the National Association of Counties (NACo), Read more >
Last week I took my Glenwood Springs High School outdoor education class on a three-day adventure to Granite Lakes, located in the Hunter-Fryingpan Wilderness far above Basalt. As anyone who has spent time in the outdoors knows, it takes as much work to prepare for a three-day trip as it does to prepare for a 30-day one. With the gear, the paperwork and transportation, the only things that really change are the quantity of food and number of clean T-shirts. Read more >
The race for Garfield County Commissioner Dist. 2 appears to be heating up.
Political newcomer John Acha, a Democrat from New Castle who is challenging incumbent commissioner John Martin, got an endorsement last week from former long-time county manager Ed Green, who once was a close associate of incumbent commission chair John Martin but wrote that this year he will vote for Acha instead. Read more >
Three candidates — current Carbondale trustees Katrina Byars and Dan Richardson (who is acting mayor until the election) and former trustee Ed Cortez — are vying for election as mayor to replace recently retired former mayor Stacey Bernot.
The Sopris Sun, as part of its coverage of the race, has asked each candidate to respond to three questions about issues of concern to Carbondale residents.
Upcoming articles will include further questions of the candidates, in an effort to let readers know where the candidates stand on specific issues.
Following are the questions and each candidate’s replies Read more >
We live in a cosmos of vibration. Our voice, footsteps, cars, jets, the wind are all drowned out by the music of the spheres and the universe, shaking atoms into material existence.
A gong bath is a form of sound therapy where the gong is played in a therapeutic way, to bring about healing. Richard Rudis uses a brass gong that is precisely shaped and tuned to the planet Earth’s resonant frequency. He creates the tones it makes by applying one of his 30 mallets and his hand passing in front of the gong. Read more >