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  • Art classes gave Matthew Duff Best in Show in Art aRound Town (Lynn Burton Photo)

  • CRES Students got a lesson in using an apple press (Jane Bachrach photo)

  • Pressing apples is tougher than it looks (Jane Bachrach photo)

  • Imitation is the highest form of flattery (Bill Parrish photo).

  • EverGreen Events gave out some great compost at HazMat Bondale Day (Lynn Burton photo).

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A locally-produced film about oil and gas drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and the use of water in those industrial enterprises will be shown on Oct. 14 in the Calaway Room at the Third Street Center in Carbondale.
Carbondale-based film makers Hamilton Pevec and Austin Lottimer, with their partner and co-producer Aaron Milton of Glenwood Springs, have come up with a film that they believe tells the inside and underside story of water use in the booming natural gas industry in Garfield County and the West in general, entitled “Before The Last Drop.”
Pevec, who also has been working to bring relief and help to victims of last April’s earthquake in Nepal (he has a Nepali wife, Devika, who is due to give birth to their baby next April), told The Sopris Sun recently that he first heard about the issue of water use in the natural gas industry from Milton in 2012, shortly after Milton had quit a six-month job in the industry. Read more >
Carbondale's cat controversy appears to be nearing resolution, after members of a committee appointed by the Board of Trustees agreed last week to a series of compromise recommendations to send to the BOT.
The recommendations, according to committee member Mary Harris, call for refinements and revisions to the town's existing “nuisance cat” ordinance, which has been on the books for decades but not generally known to town officials or citizens.
The trustees, as a group, may get their first, formal looks at the recommendations at the board's regular meeting on Oct. 13, according to Town Clerk Cathy Derby. Read more >
The Element hotel in Willits Town Center is set to open in early December and is now accepting holiday and 2016 reservations, according to a press release.
Hotel owners, Denver-based Silverwest Hotels, LLC, have also welcomed hotel and resort management executive Michael Welly as the new general manager. Welly most recently worked for Cairn Consulting as president, offering evaluations and advice regarding hotel and resort operations, staff performance, annual business plans, capital plans and project management. Read more >
The volunteer managers of the Red Hill Special Recreation Management Area (SMRA), otherwise known as the Red Hill trails system north of Carbondale, would like to remind users of the area that the trails do not police themselves for trash, little bags of dog do-do, and other refuse that crops up on the trails.
In fact, according to a posting on the Facebook page Friends of Red Hill, it was reported “We are currently paying $120 per month for bi-weekly removal (of plastic doggy-poop bags), plus costs of the bags, all of which adds up to $2,000 per year.”
The Red Hill Council, which manages the trail system, welcomes the growing numbers of users, but would like to see more of them involved in the upkeep of the trails, a council official said this week.
“To my way of thinking, every hour you use the system, you ought to give something back,” said Davis Farrar, a local planning consultant who is the director of the council. Read more >
A committee working on Carbondale’s controversial cat-crackdown ordinance came a little closer to finding common ground between two entrenched factions at a meeting on Sept. 24, but not before a few fireworks were lobbed into the tense atmosphere of a town hall meeting room.
“I will stop,” declared local real-estate agent Cindy Sadlowski, whose Street Cat Coalition has been working to trap, spay and release feral cats (cats that are wild and live on their own) for the past 15 years, thereby preventing feral cats from reproducing and cutting down on their numbers as the adult cats age and die off.
Sadlowski feels an effort to pass a law restricting the movement and independence of cats is unwarranted and intrusive. She maintains that the real causes of bird population declines are habitat loss, disturbance by development and other human activities, and pollution. Read more >
When Clark’s Market left Basalt it suddenly became a five-mile trek to either Whole Foods or City Market for groceries. Basalt’s historic downtown has been trying to lessen that journey and Zach Fischer believes his new “general store” on Midland Avenue is the ticket.
Fischer, who has been general manager of the Basalt Mountain Inn since its days as the Green Drake, is a marvelous asset to the town. “I was fortunate enough to get asked to work with several different groups in the town,” says Zach, “such as the chamber of commerce and the business association, and met some great people who helped me to understand better this amazing part of our valley.”
Through working at the hotel and conversing with business groups, some ideas started rolling through Zach’s head as to what he can do to help make the town, especially downtown, a better place for both residents and visitors. A reoccurring idea was a convenient location to grab some foodstuffs in between major grocery runs. Thus, the Basalt General Store was born. Read more >