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  • Chamber Director Andrea Stewart celebrating (with the Sun) after running the Boston Marathon (Courtesy photo)

  • John Jensen (l) & Tanner Spence (r) battle the sun to track down a pop fly v. Coal Ridge (Sue Rollyson photo)

  • Student's shined in Sol Theatre's Midsummer Night's Dream (see more Jane Bachrach photos here)

  • April Students of the Month honored at Town Hall (Lynn Burton photo)

  • The Community was out in force to support Mary Margaret (Steve Stanford photo)

Latest News

Officials with the Garfield County Libraries District want to install a gas fireplace in the relatively new Carbondale Branch Library, but some people in Carbondale think a gas fireplace is a bad idea that sends the wrong message about the town’s energy priorities. The issue gained public prominence on April 14, during a discussion at the Carbondale Board of Trustees meeting between the trustees and library board member Bill Lamont, about an issue not related to the fireplace. During the discussion, Trustee Pam Zentmyer brought up the fireplace project, which is scheduled for review at the May 7 meeting of the library district’s board of directors in Parachute. Read more >
Carbondale’s elected leaders agreed on Tuesday, at least in principle, to hold off on shrinking the allowable distance between local cannabis businesses and various educational or counseling facilities around town. Because the conclusion was reached during an informal work session, it is not yet cast in the bureaucratic equivalent of concrete, as formal and legal decisions cannot be made during such sessions. The trustees arrived at their conclusion after some of the trustees and two local educators — Roaring Fork School District assistant superintendent Rob Stein and Carbondale Community School Principal Tom Penzel — panned the idea of allowing pot shops to be located closer to schools, daycare centers, drug rehabilitation centers and other facilities than current law allows. Read more >
The eighth annual 5Point Film Festival takes over Carbondale once again on April 23-26, with: more than 35 special guests, more than 45 short adventure films spread over six programs, 12 free participation activities, four free community parties and the ever-popular Van Life Rally. 5Point’s five guiding principles are: Respect (For each other, the environment, for the experience and the knowledge we inherit from those who inspire and teach us); Commitment (To overcome fear and give ourselves completely to the challenge at hand while leading a vital existence and never allowing ourselves to become complacent); Humility (To assume the courage and the discipline to listen to our intuition and not our egos, always mindful of our place in the natural order); Purpose (To muster the motivation and conviction necessary to pursue our highest aspirations in the face of adversity); Balance (To maintain our focus and energy in life, in nature and on the journeys we undertake while things we cannot control shift around us). Read more >
The elected leaders of the Carbondale fire district, at a meeting on Feb. 11, laid out a framework for updating the district’s decade-old master plan, including how to engage the public in coming up with ideas for rescuing the district from its ongoing financial difficulties. The district recently hired two consulting firms — Mark Chain Consulting LLC of Carbondale and the Almont Associates firm of Port Orange, Fla. — to divide between them the chores linked with the master planning effort, at a total cost of nearly $87,000. The two firms are splitting the contract for the master planning effort, with just over $53,000 going to the Chain group and nearly $34,000 to the Almont firm. The master plan project is an outgrowth of a 2013 tax hike election, in which voters rejected the district’s request for additional tax revenues to overcome losses of revenues due to the effects of the recent national recession. District officials have warned taxpayers that the district is facing serious fiscal problems and must find ways to boost its revenues or be faced with cutting the quantity and quality of services provided to district residents. Read more >
Carbondale police reported on Tuesday that a dead woman was found in an apartment building on Cooper Place on Feb. 16, after a man involved in a car wreck on Highway 133 told police he had killed his wife in that apartment building. Police were not releasing the name of the victim, or of the alleged killer, as of shortly after 11 a.m. on Tuesday, pending notification of the victim’s family and the issuance of an arrest warrant for the suspect. An autopsy confirmed that the woman died of multiple wounds from a sharp object, and that the case formally is considered a homicide. This reportedly is the first homicide case in Carbondale since 2003, when Jessie Brooks was tried and convicted for the accidental shooting death of his friend, Bobby Rogers, according to news stories published at the time. Read more >
For the third year in a row, Aspen Words (formerly known as the Aspen Writers’ Foundation) has brought acclaimed bilingual spoken word teaching artists to work with students in Roaring Fork Valley middle and high schools. From Feb.17-27, this year’s trio of poets is fanning out across the Roaring Fork Valley, encouraging and inspiring young people in 16 schools to find their voices and express their feelings through poetry. In Carbondale, they will lead assemblies and bilingual workshops for students from Roaring Fork High School, Bridges High School, Carbondale Middle School, Carbondale Community School, Colorado Rocky Mountain School and Ross Montessori School. Valley-wide, they will reach over 3,000 seventh through 12th graders in just nine days, according to a press release. This is visit number three for Myrlin “Myrlindo” Hepworth from Phoenix. He’s joined again this year by poet Logan “Dirty Verbs” Phillips from Tucson — who taught with Hepworth here for two weeks last February and also as a guest of the RE-1 School District in the spring of 2013 — plus first time visitor, award-winning young female poet Mercedez Holtry from Albuquerque. Read more >