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  • RFHS Boys were victorious under the light versus Aspen (Sue Rollyson photo)

  • RFHS Rotary Exchange student Megan Weber had an amazing year in Argentina (Courtesy photo).

  • It's the most colorful time of the year (Jane Bachrach photo).

  • Not a bad backdrop for a town (Sue Rollyson Photo).

  • Potato Days 1911. The 107th celebration of our favorite tuber, is this Saturday Oct 1.

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It is not uncommon to fondly remember playing sports as a kid, but most people don’t reflect back years later on a parks and recreation infrastructure that allowed them to participate in the first place.
Heather Henry does.
Having become the University of Connecticut’s starting goalkeeper in a national championship soccer match, as well as having served on the Carbondale Parks and Recreation Commission for four years, Henry has made the connection. “The recreation programs that I got to do as a kid are what set me on a path to play higher and higher level soccer,” she told The Sopris Sun. “I attribute so much to playing sports and being involved in group dynamics … . Those are the things that raise great citizens.” Read more >
When I was younger, I pondered being an exchange student. I had a wild desire to explore Western Europe, the UK and Ireland. I wanted to see the places my ancestors had come from decades and even centuries ago on old wooden ships. By the time my junior year of high school came around, I decided to make it less of a dream and more of a goal. So I applied to Rotary in October of 2014. In April of 2015, I was informed that I’d be spending my senior year in Argentina. My junior year of high school was a long, stressful one. Before leaving for Argentina, I applied early to Colorado Mesa University and was accepted, Read more >
A Las Vegas odds maker is reportedly picking Spudman to defeat Batman in Saturday’s epic Potato Day showdown. (See page 5). Tom “The Genius” Sapiro tells The Sopris Sun he has been researching the strengths and weaknesses of each superhero, and has determined our hometown guy will send Gotham City’s boy packing.
“The thing with Spudman, and really with all potatoes,” says Sapiro, “is he’s got eyes all over the place. Read more >
The spring of 2016 marked the second year that students in grades three through nine in the Roaring Fork School District took the state mandated PARCC test (Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Career). Several other states use this same test, but in Colorado it is referred to as the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) PARCC.

The test results, released this month, are reported in two ways: first, as “performance data,” which refers to the students’ test scores at a single point in time (in this case, spring 2016) and is presented as the percentage of students who “meet or exceed grade level expectations;” and second, as “growth summary data,” which refers to the gains students made on the assessment from 2015 to 2016, compared to their academic peers. Read more >
A relatively unheralded local organization called the Crystal Valley Environmental Protection Association (CVEPA) has been working doggedly but quietly for decades “to protect the unique environment of the Crystal River Valley,” as stated on the home page of the organization’s website (

Started in 1972 by a group of citizens hoping to quash a move to put a lift-served ski area next to the hamlet of Marble, CVEPA has been in the trenches in nearly every battle over development in the Crystal River Valley — from fighting to force the bankrupt Mid-Continent Resources coal mining company to clean up Coal Basin, near Redstone, after mining shut down in 1991, to the ongoing effort to have 39 miles of the Crystal River designated as Wild & Scenic, CVEPA and its members have been there. Read more >
Explore Booksellers in Aspen holds a book signing for Illène Pevec and her new book “Growing a Life: Teen Gardners Harvest Food, Health and Joy” at 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 23.

In the book, published by New Village Press, Pevec features interviews with more than 80 youth, illustrating how mentored gardening programs help young people, and especially those from underprivileged neighborhoods, to build nurturing and thriving community environments, improve their mental and physical health, and open their eyes to previously unseen opportunities. Read more >