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  • One Table One Town brought out food fun and community (Jane Bachrach photo).

  • The music was good too (Jane Bachrach photo).

  • Festival De Las Americas gave visitors a jolt (Lynn Burton photo)

  • Festival also had great music for normal folk (Lynn Burton photo).

  • Vera Diemoz 104 year young (Lynn Burton photo).

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The elected leaders of the Carbondale fire department voted on Aug. 19, 4-1, to move ahead with a ballot question this November, asking for a tax hike that would bring in roughly $600,000 more in annual property tax revenues than are now coming into the department’s coffers. The ballot question also would come with a two-year “sunset clause.” That means that a tax hike of 1.75 mills, which would boost the tax rate to 7.653, would be limited to two years in duration, after which the tax rate would drop back to its existing level. If the district still needed additional revenues, it would need to go back to the voters, perhaps as early as 2018, to seek another tax hike. The sole dissenting vote on the tax question came from Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District (CRFPD) board member Carl Smith, a former fire fighter and paid staffer at the CRFPD who won election to the board in 2014 largely based on his public skepticism about the board’s handling of its fiscal affairs. Read more >
The year was 1911, and: • Ishi, considered the last Native American to make contact with European Americans, emerges from the wilderness in northeast California; • The U.S. sends 20,000 troops to the Mexico border as that country’s revolution gains momentum; • The U.S. Supreme Court dissolves Standard Oil; • The Brooklyn Dodgers buy land for what will become Ebbets Field. • Closer to Colorado in 1911: • The settlement of Gypsum, east of Glenwood Springs, is incorporated as a town;  • The largest piece of marble taken from the Colorado-Yule quarry to date is 28 feet long and weighs 55 tons; • And … Vera (Montover) Diemoz is born at old Snowmass Creek, where St. Benedict’s Monastery is now located. From 1911 to 1930, Vera moved with her family to farms at several Roaring Fork Valley locations — including the St. John’s place up Prince Creek, which was part of what is now Two Shoes Ranch — until she married Fred Diemoz in 1930 and settled on his farm on Silt Mesa. This reporter met with Vera, her grand-nephew Vern Arbaney and his wife LeAnn (Thompson) earlier this week on a shady patio at Heritage Park Care Center on the west side of Carbondale. Read more >
Welcome to the 2015-16 school year! The beginning of school is always exciting and an important occasion. There are few things more impactful than the beginning of a new school year across our three communities. We look forward to greeting our students and their parents, and know that in our rapidly changing world, a high quality education is more important than ever! We take very seriously our role of preparing kids for the future and know that there is no margin of error, and no chance for our students to get this year back if we don’t do all we can to contribute to their learning. Read more >
The developers who hope to put a new City Market grocery store on the west side of Highway 133 have scheduled an informal open house to present the project to the public at the Third Street Center from 5 to 7 p.m. on Aug. 26, according to a notice sent to nearby by residents. “This meeting is being held as a courtesy to the community that the proposed development site is on,” said the notice. “ … The intent of the meeting is to inform you of the proposed project and to engage an open dialogue of any issues and/or concerns you may have.” According to the notice, the applicant is City Market/King Soopers, 65 Tejon St., Denver, CO 80223. The rest of the project team is Galloway & Company Inc, (consultant), 6162 S. Willow Dr., Suite 320, Greenwood Village, CO 8011 and Aaron McLean (site development coordinator) 303-770-8884; Sopris Engineering, LLC (engineer) at 502 Main St., Carbondale; and Naos Design Group, LLC (architect) 5031 S. Ulster St., Suite 300, Denver, CO 80237. Next Wednesday’s open house comes nearly 15 years after plans first emerged for development of a 24-acre parcel of land on Carbondale’s western edge. Recently, the town accepted an “an introductory application” from King Soopers (locally known as City Market under the corporate banner of the Kroger grocery store chain). The land in question is located to the north and west of the intersection of Highway 133 and Main Street, and does not include the existing 7-Eleven store at that corner, or the real estate office next to it. Read more >
The general opinion among wildlife experts in Western Colorado earlier in the summer was that there was more than enough bear fodder in the high country this year, and the bears were not likely to be heading into local towns in large numbers to forage through garbage cans to fatten up for the winter. But, according to area wildlife manager Perry Will, that outlook has changed somewhat. “Activity has really picked up in the last three weeks, as far as bear conflicts,” said Will. He reported that there have been numerous conflicts between bears and humans in the upper regions of the Roaring Fork Valley, and even a few bear sightings in Carbondale. That means it is time for Carbondale residents to think about buying a bear-proof trash container to keep in compliance with the town’s stated and ongoing desire to discourage bears from rooting around in trash cans. Read more >
Last year, while her classmates were making their way through their senior year of high school, Briana Boland was across the world, taking a different approach to her education. Boland recently returned from Taipei, Taiwan, where she spent the year as a Rotary exchange student. The exchange turned out to be an incredible and life changing experience for Boland; she has returned from her year abroad with a new language, new friends and a slew of new experiences. “Going in I really didn’t know anything much about Taiwan,” Boland said. “I didn’t understand anything that was going on and everything seemed so weird. It’s really a completely different world.” Read more >