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  • Carbondale has seen plenty of snow in the past few weeks, so some folks took advantage of the plentiful white stuff to bounce the bump at the RVR sledding hill. Photo by Jane Bachrach
  • Duke of Distribution Tommy Sands is looking for someone willing to store several newspaper boxes he plans to repurpose for The Sun. Right now, they’re located outside our soon-to-be new office: Room 32 in the Third Street Center. To help us get them out of the way for the winter, assist with our move down the hall or submit a photo of yourself reading The Sun someplace unusual, email
  • The Christmas Tree Bandit was last seen on Saturday speeding up White Hill with loot from the town’s tree recycling lot. Word has it the bandit feeds the trees to her goats. Photo by Jane Bachrach

  • It appears as if Jennifer Degge’s sculpture was eavesdropping on the conversation taking place between Morgan Lee, Donna Riley and Peggy O’Brien during the opening of the Valley Visual Art show at the Launchpad last Friday evening.  Photo by Jane Bachrach

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The deadline to apply for a seat on the seven-member Carbondale Board of Trustees was Jan. 13, and the following residents submitted applications: James Breasted III, Sarah Johnson, Beth Broome, Erica Sparhawk, Doc Philip, Rebecca Moeller and April Spaulding. The trustees will interview the applicants at their Jan. 24 meeting; the applications are available for viewing at Read more >

Latest News

At roughly the same time as huge Saturday demonstrations take place in Washington, D.C., Denver, and other national and international venues too numerous to count, activists in the Roaring Fork Valley will be engaged in exactly the same kind of activity.
The rallies, aimed primarily at mobilizing women but also open to men, are being held in opposition to the pronouncements, policy proposals and behavior of President-elect Donald J. Trump, on Jan. 21, the day after Trump’s inauguration. Read more >
With police officer and firefighter Mark Luttrell preparing for retirement, Carbondale is losing a fixture of late nights downtown who sought to defuse situations before they started. “I always saw my position as more of a peace officer than a law enforcement officer,” he said. “I loved working with the Carbondale people.” That’s not to say he hasn’t seen some action in three decades on the force. He was on scene for some of the area’s worst disasters like the MidContinent mine explosion, South Canyon Fire, and Rocky Mountain Natural Gas blow up. Read more >
The Colorado Highway Department held one of an ongoing series of meetings on potential improvements to State Highway 82. In addition to the potential to expand from two lanes to four between Carbondale and Aspen – a possibility that had generated considerable debate at a meeting the previous November – several potential changes to the route were discussed… Read more >
Local government agencies may soon move to acquire and redevelop a small, 50-year-old shopping plaza that sits at the northern edge of Carbondale, and that long has been viewed as an eyesore by some or a historical bit of “messy vitality” by others. Carbondale’s Board of Trustees talked over a broad array of topics Tuesday night at a work session, ranging from ideas about what to do concerning the dilapidated wood-shell shopping center on Highway 133… Read more >
This week, a local entrepreneur and his team are taking the next step toward launching an innovative new app with the launch of their Kickstarter campaign.
In addition to raising at least $5,000 to get GoRound off the ground, they hope it will demonstrate widespread interest in a different kind of dining app. Already, the company is incorporated as an LLC, with officers in markets around the country. Read more >
Not everyone is as cavalier with their bodies after they wear out as iconic folk singer John Prine. Some prefer to be planted in a cemetery and let it go at that. In any case, the Carbondale Board of Trustees and town staffers determined more than a year ago they’d better start scouting around for more ground to handle more graves because Hillcrest Cemetery (White Hill) plots are sold out, and Evergreen Cemetery on 8th Street sees more and more grave markers every year. Read more >