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  • Heladio Sanchez is warehouse manager at the Roaring Fork Co-op store in Carbondale. Read more > 

  • Caito Foster offers up a cup of Gondola Coffee. The unusual coffee stand is located in the Carbondale Business Park next to the west end of the RFTA park-and-ride lot and is usually open weekdays from 6:30 to 11 a.m. Photo by Lynn Burton

  • Colorful displays like this started showing up in Glenwood Springs last year and more recently in Carbondale. No word on the crochet artist who created this piece on Weant Boulevard. Photo by Lynn Burton

  • Ranchers Felix and Sarah Tonare could see that this little fella was shivering and wasn't doing so well soon after his birth, so they brought him into the house and placed him in a dog bed under a heat lamp for several hours to warm him up. 

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The contractor in charge of Carbondale’s $493,000 renovation and rearranging of South Third Street went to work on Tuesday, following a one-day delay caused by late delivery of traffic control equipment, according to Public Works Director Kevin Schorzman. The work is expected to continue into late May, Schorzman told The Sopris Sun, according to a schedule set by the contractor, Johnson Construction of Rifle. Read more >
Roaring Fork School District no longer needs money or even, strictly speaking, approval from the Town of Carbondale to build a staff housing complex on Third Street, but that won’t stop RFSD from trying to live up to the “Community Partnership” name. The Carbondale Planning and Zoning Commission certainly found little to object to as the Roaring Fork School District voluntarily went through the standard approval process on March 16, while the sole public comment came down to questions more than objections. Read more >
A little more than two weeks ago, Carbondale’s elected leaders and three closely-interrelated energy-efficiency consulting companies came up with a list of projects and programs on which to spend the $50,000 the town has set aside for energy programming in 2017.
The three consulting firms — mostly known by their acronyms; CLEER, CORE and GCE — have been working with the town for years to reduce Carbondale’s “carbon footprint” by helping local businesses, homeowners and the government itself to upgrade the structures around town by installing solar technology and energy-efficiency technology as a way of helping locals reduce their energy consumption. Read more >
About 30 people from all around the Roaring Fork Valley made the trip to Ashcroft on March 18 and 19 for a public art project with an environmental slant. Organized by the Community Office of Resource Efficiency (CORE) as part of its brand new “High Five” approach, the project centered on the vision of California artist Sonja Hinrichsen. Read more >
Following Donald Trump’s unexpected presidential win in November, online activists around the country – including those in Carbondale, Basalt and Aspen – started communicating via social media and email on how to counter his agenda and prepare for the 2018 congressional elections. Read more >
Vail Mountain ended Roaring Fork’s two-game, season opening winning streak with a decisive 5-0 soccer win at home on March 18.
“They (Vail Mountain) were last year’s state tournament runners up,” said head coach Nick Forbes after the game.
Unfortunately, the Rams not only lost the game, they lost sophomore-starting defender Solana Teitler to a season-ending injury. Forbes said that going into a “defensive 50/50 tackle” she collided with the defender through the ball and fractured her femur above the knee. “Her first question was ‘did they score’,” Forbes told The Sopris Sun. Read more >