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  • Despite the cold and icy conditions, the sixth annual Rassle the Castle went ahead as planned. Read more >
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  • Meet our new ad director, Carol Fabian. 

  • Local trumpeter Tim Fox not only shared “a little talk-performance” at The Salon
    Photo by Jane Bachrach

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In 1964 a thick haze covered the Los Angeles area for six days straight. The smog was a result of pollutants such as car exhaust and factory emissions reacting with strong sunlight. This chemical reaction creates ground level ozone, the principle component of smog, which reduces visibility to a few miles, and causes physical reactions like burning lungs, itchy watery eyes, and severe respiratory problems. Children, the elderly and those with asthma or heart ailments are most at risk.
Read more >
With the CCAH fashion show on the horizon, those of us at The Sopris Sun thought Carbondale’s sense of everyday fashion was worth a closer look. We are already keenly aware of the cultural mix that fills our nest of a town, but do the social, professional, political, and age spectrums somehow lose their delineations with how we present ourselves? Perhaps we can attribute the looming Mount Sopris, which has come to represent us, with lending a sense of personal power to the very air we breathe. Read more >
The Roaring Fork School District is organizing another round of community meetings in Carbondale, Basalt and Glen- wood Springs as part of the district’s on- going visioning process.

The Carbondale meeting will be held on March 12 at 6 p.m. at Crystal River Elementary School. Read more >
March 31 marks the final deadline for individuals and families to enroll in a health care plan under the new Afford- able Care Act. While many Carbondale residents have sifted through their op- tions, others have yet to wade through the state system or make a decision on their health plan. Read more >
Carbondale officials on Tuesday adopted a set of proposals from a Special Event Task Force appointed by the board of trustees in response to ongoing complaints about noise and other disruptions emanating from events staged at Sopris Park.
The task force, created last September, was made up of neighbors of the park (Jeri Alberts and Frank Nadell), town trustees Allyn Harvey and Pam Zentmyer, Amy Kimberly of the Carbondale Council on Arts and Humanities, and other citizens, business representatives and town staff members.
A list of 15 specific events was drawn up, including seven that take place in Sopris Park, with the annual Mountain Fair weekend as the report’s main target. Read more >
The Colorado League of Charter Schools has recognized Compass Executive Director Skye Skinner for its 2014 Charter School Leadership award.
The annual award, which recognizes a leader who “demonstrates significant influence in developing or maintaining a charter school, improving school accountability and performance, or driving other aspects of school excellence,” was presented on Feb. 20 at the league’s annual conference in Denver, according to a press release. Read more >
He called me and asked what the weather was like in Greece. Puzzled by his question, mine was “Why are you concerned about things in Greece?”
”Could you look it up on the computer for me?” he answered.
Knowing he didn’t have a computer my answer was “Sure Clifford I’ll look it up for you.”
Before asking another question he said, “I need to know what I should wear. I’m flying to Athens to bring the Olympic torch to Atlanta for the games.”
It wouldn’t be first or last time Northern Ute Elder Clifford Duncan would be an ambassador of international good will. Read more >
So what’ll it be this time around for the former library building: a performing arts facility, non-profit outfit, for-profit business, day-care center, educational facility or numerous other uses with the probable exception of a bilingual Bingo parlor?
Folks have until March 28 to speculate because that’s the deadline for proposals to lease the 3,800-square-foot building from the town. The RFP (request for proposals) is available on-line and at town hall. The field is fairly wide open because the RFP only states that the town is soliciting proposals from “qualified non-profits, for-profit businesses and community groups” to occupy the former Gordon Cooper Library at 76 S. Fourth St. Read more >