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  • Folks behind the Fair: Mark Taylor, James Gorman and Jeff Britt carry a scrim into Sopris Park during setup Wednesday. Read more
    Photo by Jane Bachrach

  • Nick Penzel and Wes Engstrom spent a year and a half building a river-worthy dory as a high school woodshop project. Read more >
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  • The third session of the MARBLE marble symposium kicks off this weekend, with artists from near and far learning and working.
    Photo by Will Grandbois

  • Alpine Animal Hospital is giving kids the opportunity to mount up, can brush, pet and kiss horses at the Wild West Rodeo.
    Photo by Jane Bachrach

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While the leading economic nations of the world have their G-20 group to work on global economic issues, Carbondale has it’s own informal “group of 20,” an assembly of individuals that essentially puts together the annual Carbondale Mountain Fair, as described by Gazebo stage manager Jeff Britt. To introduce readers to some of the “folks behind the fair” The Sun is profiling three of the more prominent managers or supervisors who for years have been in charge of key parts of the overall celebration, but who may not be that well known to the general public. Read more >
If the audience breaks into applause at the sight of the next Thunder River Theatre Company set, Sean Jeffries may or may not be pleased. His various roles as facilities manager, technical director and sound and lighting designer are the kind of things spectators aren’t really supposed to notice consciously, but recognition is always nice. Read more >
Carbondale’s board of trustees want to help alleviate a shortage of infant and young-child daycare options in the valley, and they told a group of pre-school personnel, parents and other advocates at a meeting on July 18 that the town will do what it can. But, as Trustee Ben Bohmfalk said during a report about the meeting on KDNK-FM on the following day, “The town doesn’t have a big pot of money” that it can devote to boosting the availability of childcare in Carbondale or elsewhere in the valley. Read more >
Well, if that quote grabs you, explore more through The Aspen Center for Environmental Study’s annual mushroom event, kicking off Wednesday evening, July 26, with a free presentation of “Colorado Mushrooms: A World of Wonder at Your Feet,” 7-8:30 p.m. at Hallam Lake in Aspen. Dr. Andrew Wilson, Assistant Curator of the Sam Mitchel Herbarium of Fungi at the Denver Botanic Gardens, will take you on “an imaginary hike through aspen groves, along waterways, on high passes and in the subalpine regions of spruce/fir while examining the animals, plants, and mushrooms we might find there,” promises ACES Read more >
Carbondale and Garfield County have for years talked about exploring ways to put a trail alongside Snowmass Drive, the one-time bypass for coal trucks hauling loads from mines near Redstone to the coal loading facility on Catherine Store Road east of town. Following a joint meeting between town trustees and the county’s Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) in June, the two entities may be moving closer to actually getting a project underway. Read more >
Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District’s board of directors expects to ask constituents for authorization for some kind of tax increase in the upcoming November election, but they do not yet know exactly how much they need or want. But the directors recognize they need to figure it out pretty quickly, as the deadline is approaching to submit ballot language to the three counties in the district’s jurisdictions — Garfield, Pitkin and Gunnison. Read more >