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  • Despite the cold and icy conditions, the sixth annual Rassle the Castle went ahead as planned. Read more >
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  • Meet our new ad director, Carol Fabian. 

  • Local trumpeter Tim Fox not only shared “a little talk-performance” at The Salon
    Photo by Jane Bachrach

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The newly created “Sopris 100 Who Care” group is back-to-basics charity.
At 5 p.m. sharp on Jan. 25, a group of women will gather at the Pan and Fork restaurant in River Valley Ranch. Each will be asked to contribute $100 to a pool of funds and nominate a charity, cause, family, individual or other purpose for the money. Three causes will be drawn, discussed, a favorite selected and the whole sum — hopefully thousands of dollars — donated accordingly. Read more >
Only two people have begun the process to fill the four Carbondale Board of Trustee seats up for election in April. One application is pending for the mayor position, which is also on this year’s ballot. Read more >
There’s a good chance folks will be allowed to wander Main Street with an open alcoholic beverage on First Fridays this summer. With support from the Events Task Force and Chamber of Commerce, the possibility went before the Board of Trustees for the second time on Jan. 9 for a more in-depth logistical discussion and was received with cautious interest. Read more >
With the deadline to place the Town’s streetscape mill levy in the next election, the Carbondale Board of Trustees opted to stick with the existing rate rather than increase it or delay the vote. Read more >
Snowmass Avenue is slated for a new path between Sopris and Main, thanks to an intergovernmental agreement recently inked by both the Town of Carbondale and Garfield County. Read more >
While both Trustee Ben Bohmfalk and Mayor Dan Richardson had ideas for a relatively simple approach to waste hauling at the Jan. 9 meeting, the debate that has raged in Carbondale almost since the municipality got out of the business is far from over. Read more >
Prosecutors asked Pitkin County Deputy Parichat Robles outright why she didn’t shoot the fleeing suspects who had jumped from a RFTA bus emergency exit near Basalt during her trial testimony Monday.
“I wasn’t going to shoot somebody that wasn’t a threat to me,” Robles said flatly.
Nicholas Ameral, 20, pleaded guilty to felony aggravated robbery with an armed confederate in July. He was on a downvalley Roaring Fork Transportation Authority bus on Feb. 21 last year, five days after robbing the Valero gas station in the Carbondale Cowen Center. Ameral received a six-year prison sentence; his alleged accomplice was his cousin, Benjamin Weeks, 20. Read more >
Jan. 12, 1978: The proposed Roaring Fork Village development — encompassing 49 acres of Gianinetti and Sewell land between Highway 133 and Eighth Street on the north end of town — went before a board of trustees with “two of the six members repeatedly absent.” Read more >