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  • Folks behind the Fair: Mark Taylor, James Gorman and Jeff Britt carry a scrim into Sopris Park during setup Wednesday. Read more
    Photo by Jane Bachrach

  • Nick Penzel and Wes Engstrom spent a year and a half building a river-worthy dory as a high school woodshop project. Read more >
    Courtesy photo

  • The third session of the MARBLE marble symposium kicks off this weekend, with artists from near and far learning and working.
    Photo by Will Grandbois

  • Alpine Animal Hospital is giving kids the opportunity to mount up, can brush, pet and kiss horses at the Wild West Rodeo.
    Photo by Jane Bachrach

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July 21, 1977: Valley Journal Editor Pat Noel addressed a growing sense that Carbondale was becoming Aspenized by pointing out that the influx of upvalley folks was nothing new. “In the end, I suspect everything will have changed quite a bit from what it used to be, but if ‘what it used to be’ had any real merit, the vestiges of it will certainly remain,” he wrote. “Carbondale is, after all, more than a name — it’s a state of mind.” Read more >
Hiding in plain sight, the Carbondale Clay Center’s Sopris Park restroom-tile project was four years in the making. “I always say this took four Mountain Fairs and two Potato Days,” project organizer Diane Kenney told The Sopris Sun. “I think we started in 2000 at Mountain Fair.”
The project eventually wrapped 600 individual ceramic tiles around the restrooms on the west side of Sopris Park. Read more >
A 114-page report on possible wildlife impacts from construction of a pedestrian and biking trail up the Crystal River was not intended to identify one particular trail route or another, said the study’s author, Boulder-based wildlife biologist Rick Thompson on Monday. Nonetheless Thompson’s report, which was outlined at a meeting on July 10 in Redstone (with a second meeting scheduled for Carbondale the following day), seemed to lean toward keeping the proposed trail along the Highway 133 right-of-way for most of its 20-mile length. Read more >
Need has no season, but Tom’s Door keeps track anyway. For 15 years, the nonprofit has been mostly recognizable to the public through the cards it sells to raise money for folks facing emergencies. Available at dozens of local stores, they feature local scenes from around 65 area photographers appropriate to the time of year. Read more >
Carbondale’s Board of Trustees on July 11 declined to adopt a proposed resolution, submitted by a quartet of Carbondale Middle School (CMS) students, that would clearly define and outline the town’s policies and position regarding the use of local police to ferret out illegal immigrants in the local population. But the board assigned Trustee Erica Sparhawk (with help from Mayor Dan Richardson) to work with the four students to refine the language into a form that can be adopted at some point, after pointing out several ways in which the proposed resolution’s initial language was problematic. Read more >
Following a mid-June spill of more than 2,300 gallons of chemicals, wastewater and drill “cuttings,” for which the Texas gas drilling company SG Interests was ordered on June 20 to shut down the well in question, drilling has resumed. The well is located in the southernmost portion of the controversial Thompson Divide region, and following a brief interruption to clean up the spill, the company is back in business at the same well, according to an official with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, which leased the site of the well to the company a decade ago. Read more >