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  • Despite the cold and icy conditions, the sixth annual Rassle the Castle went ahead as planned. Read more >
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  • Local trumpeter Tim Fox not only shared “a little talk-performance” at The Salon
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Both the girls’ and boys’ Roaring Fork High School varsity basketball teams claimed big wins over upvalley rival Basalt Longhorns Tuesday evening. The Rams were on point during their home games, quickly squashing right out of the gate any hope of a close contest.
The RFHS girls team lead Basalt 31 to 12 at half time, establishing a daunting lead that left the Longhorns deep in the hole. Read more >
Another year has come and gone. The family has traveled home and the holidays feel like a distant memory. However, left behind is the mountain of cookies, fudge, pies, and more taunting you in the kitchen. With a guilty grin you give into the temptation and pile the treats high onto a plate and onto the couch. Read more >
It has a 15-million person following in 180 countries. And in many ways thanks to William Luckett, a junior at Roaring Fork High School, Carbondale is quickly adding to the Zumba fever.
The 17-year-old is no stranger to movement — he studies ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary dance — so when he fell in love with Zumba, it wasn’t surprising. He realized he wanted more than just participate: he wanted to teach. Read more >
I’d been wanting to try my hand (or foot?) at pickleball since I first heard mention of the sport a few years ago. I had no idea how it was played, but with a name like “pickleball,” I assumed it would emphasize fun over finesse, trial and error over technique, recreation over rules, and community over competition. In short — as anyone who has ever attempted to play soccer or tennis with me would attest — my kind of sport. Read more >
Mike Jones, chief instructor at Roaring Fork Aikikai, first got into aikido exactly because it’s a martial art that requires more art than actual combat. That’s not to say it doesn’t pack a punch; at the end of our 90-minute class, he showed me a quick, seemingly effortless move that had me on my knees in an instant.
“One of the reasons I got into aikido [is] there’s no yelling. Read more >
Roaring Fork High School’s basketball teams are off to a promising start as they jump right from the holidays into league play.
“You get rolling and you get right where you want to be and then you’ve got winter break,” noted Athletic Director and Girls’ Coach Jade Bath.
The varsity girls are 4-2 overall following an array of mostly non-league games in December. Read more >
Jan. 5, 1978: “The brick house” — arguably the grandest ranch home in the Valley when 300 people arrived on a chartered train for the housewarming in 1908 — was in the process of demolition. Built by Charles Harris (The Journal calls him Davis), one of the lower valley’s first settlers, it cost $12,000 and included 18 rooms, six foot wide stairs, 10 foot ceilings on the first two of three floors and gingerbread ornamentation throughout. Read more >
’Tis the season for reflection on the past and resolutions for the future. So we asked a few locals who were out and about after the holidays about their plans for 2018. Compiled by Megan Tackett Read more >