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  • This year’s agility championships are dedicated to Bill Lukes, who helped bring it to Carbondale. Read more >
    File photo by Jane Bachrach

  • The Dead Iron Mule sits today in a meadow along the North Lost Creek Trail. Read more >
     Photo by Justin Patrick

  • CARE's “Dressed to the K9s” fundraiser lived up to its name as animals and people flaunted their outfits on and off-stage.
    Photo by Jane Bachrach

  • This huge evergreen on Red Hill was struck by lightning during last week’s thunderstorm and split in pieces.
    Photo by Jane Bachrach

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Due to the omission of a header, two items in this week's print calendar — "African Dance" and "Brainstorm" — appear to be taking place on the wrong day. Both events are on Monday, Sept. 25. Read more >

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Sept. 1, 1977: Frank Dasovich, owner of the Mt. Sopris Body and Radiator Shop, was contemplating surrounding the lot with an eight foot tall wall of junked cars (spiked on the end with broken Pepsi bottles) to protest the town’s trash ordinance. “Even though it’s right in the heart of town, this is still my land and this is how I make my living,” said Dasovich, who was featured on the Journal’s cover with a gun in one hand, a cigarette in the other and a maniacal look on his face. Read more >
Jade Bath may be new to the role of athletic director at Roaring Fork High School, but she’s been a Ram since she was young.
As an elementary schooler in the ’90s, she helped the boys’ basketball team as a water girl. She watched her older sister play, then joined the team herself in high school and remembers joking with Larry “Shorty” Williams about coming back and taking over. When she graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango five years ago, she jumped straight back in as a coach. That set her up for a part time athletic secretary and counselor, and ultimately for the top job. Read more >
You may have noticed a light dusting on Mother Mountain earlier in August, but in The Sun’s collective opinion, it doesn’t really count unless it sticks for at least two days. With that in mind, we’re taking bets — strictly for bragging rights — on when what Pat Noel used to call a “mantle” will make its appearance on the slopes of Sopris. Email or call 510-3003 through Sept. 6. Read more >
Rainbows. That’s one of the topics of conversation Amanda Ingle fondly remembers discussing with her husband before he died. “Before he passed, it was rainbow season here in Rifle,” Ingle said. “And he told me he likes to read up on rainbows because he feels it has something to do with the meaning of life. If you read up on rainbows, it’s really interesting. There’s a lot to it,” she continued. Read more >
Carbondale’s annual municipal budget process began in earnest on Aug. 15, when Finance Director Renae Gustine and Town Manager Jay Harrington presented a summary of the town’s current revenue picture that reflects a relatively small growth in sales taxes and other revenues for the coming year, based on past performance. Read more >
Dandelion Market, Carbondale’s natural foods outlet, is in the midst of a kind of resurrection following its closure earlier this year due to the loss of its lease on its original Main Street location. Over the past couple of months, a band of volunteers and board members have worked feverishly to reopen the market in a new location next to the Rhumba Girls liquor store on Highway 133, across the highway from the Wells Fargo bank. With a new board of directors, a new manager, and a new location, the byword of the day for the store is simple, said board member Richard Vottero: “survival.” Read more >
In the 40 years since its founding, The Church at Redstone has had just three pastors, and the fourth is planning on similar longevity. Chris Moon is in the process of taking over from longtime pastor Bruce Gledhill, who is moving to Woodland Park with his wife, Connie, at the end of the month. “I’ve loved being in Redstone and being with this church and getting to be who I’ve been for the last 17 years,” Gledhill said. “I couldn’t ask for anything better.” Read more >
A proposed resolution aimed at protecting Carbondale’s Hispanic community from deportation and other anti-immigrant actions, by police or by the town, was passed by the town’s Board of Trustees (BOT) this week, though not as it was originally presented by a group of local middle-school students.
Carbondale Middle School ninth-graders Vanessa Leon, Jessica Koller, Keiry Lopez and Cassidy Meyer — all members of a CMS organization known as The Issues Club — submitted an original resolution to the BOT early in the summer. But the trustees, at a meeting in July, opted to delegate Trustee Erica Sparhawk and Mayor Dan Richardson to rework some of the language and bring it back for consideration. Read more >