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  • Despite the cold and icy conditions, the sixth annual Rassle the Castle went ahead as planned. Read more >
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  • Meet our new ad director, Carol Fabian. 

  • Local trumpeter Tim Fox not only shared “a little talk-performance” at The Salon
    Photo by Jane Bachrach

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Dec. 22, 1978: Well before his own stint as a trustee, sculptor John Hoffman presented the town with a gift in the form of “Unckle Henry,” a life sized man constructed of railroad spikes bearing the inscription, “To the kids of Carbondale.” It still sits in a section of the Garfield Avenue right-of-way near Sopris Park. Read more >
Last week, Time Magazine announced its 2017 person of the year: the “Silence Breakers.” It’s referring to the group of women who spoke out about sexual misconduct in their respective industries, launched the #MeToo movement on social media and generally cultivated the national dialogue that’s led to seemingly unending headlines and allegations.
It’s a literal and figurative snapshot of the issue. Yes, sexual misconduct is pervasive in high-profile industries like Hollywood, and those allegations garner equally high-profile media coverage. Read more >
The die is cast for Carbondale’s spending next year, though Town Manager Jay Harrington characterized the budget approved on Dec. 12 as “a living document.”
If anything, it’s conservative projections for income — a 2 percent sales tax increase compared to 3.4 percent this year — and expenses may help avoid dipping into reserves. That’s precisely what happened last year, when trustees accepted the possibility of reducing savings to 75 percent of annual operating costs. Read more >
It has been a fairly quiet year for Carbondale’s Special Event Task Force, but that may be about to change.
The committee seems to have resolved many of the complaints that corresponded with its creation several years ago, Co-Chair Jake Boyles told trustees on Dec. 12. And with the calendar looking almost identical 2017 except for applying street closures to every single First Friday, it didn’t take long to approve the schedule. Read more >
Hanging out with the Roaring Fork Quilt Guild feels something like wrapping yourself in one of their creations.
Each of the roughly two dozen members brings a different character and experience that somehow stitches together into a warm, welcoming whole. The group usually gathers at the Carbondale Branch Library, but more intimate gatherings and special retreats are all part of the program Read more >
In something of a surprise vote, miners at the Anschutz Thompson Creek mine west of Carbondale voted to become a non-union operation. The national United Mine Workers of America and local Redstone Workers Association had vied for the votes of 92 eligible hourly workers, but in the end an independent shop won out. Read more >
The spirit was already there in the area’s first performance of George Frideric Handel’s choral epic “Messiah” 40 years ago, but the substance had room for improvement. “We were terrible when I think back,” said Steve Child who, along with his wife, Molly, has been participating almost since Day One. “Over the years we’ve added more parts of it and become more expert… Now the group has really blended.” Read more >
If all goes according to plan, on Friday, Dec. 15, Aspen Valley Land Trust will purchase the long sought-after 25-acre land parcel at the base of Red Hill. The sale is the first step of a larger vision to build a new trailhead and parking for the popular 19-mile trail system. “I’m super confident this is going to happen,” AVLT Executive Director Suzanne Stephens said of the land acquisition. While the land itself — which has been on the organization’s radar for more than five years — will require $825,000, the entire project carries a $1.35m price tag. Read more >