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Letters, 7/24/13

Join the Dream Team

Dear Editor:

The Mountain Fair is the fair that it is because of all the great dreamers that it takes to create it.

Has it ever crossed your mind to become part of the great machine that creates this marvel?

You’ve heard of the Mountain Fair Dream Team — care to join us?

Certain pieces of the fair come alive only because someone dreams of them. Five years ago Patty Nadon and I said to each other “could this become a pedestrian fair?” It’s taken us six years but we are there!

Other teams keep dreams alive in the Oasis, on the Gazebo, in the Jam Tent, at the Pie and Cake Contest, at the caliber of juried art, at the … where would you create your dream of the fair?

Many of us have been working on the fair for years. Is it time for you to step up to the plate and either give us a hand or take over the leadership?

We know you are out there; we just haven’t met yet.

Stop by the Information Booth and say, “Hey, I want to be on the Mountain Fair Dream Team!” … and let the magic begin.

Barbara Bush


In response

Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to Gina Shaw, who wrote in to complain about the offensiveness of the Burlesque Show on July 28-29 at PAC3.

I can only say that yes, some of the work might offend. Some might make you uncomfortable. But we women of the Burlesque Show believe that feminine power in it’s rawest form is often an uncomfortable topic of discussion, and that part of our mission statement, so to speak, is to bring up those topics for the community to think about. This is not your typical feather and lace, easy on the eyes and ears kind of show. Would Carbondale want that anyway? I hope not.

Sincerely and sexily,

Ruby Surls

AKA Mona Mouthfeel

AKA The Phone Operator


Shade’s for sharing

Dear Editor:

I believe that CCAH’s idea to create a large shaded area in the areas shouldering the Gazebo stage soundboard at Mountain Fair is absolutely terrific.

As The Sopris Sun has reported, this year, CCAH has initiated a fee and a lottery system for putting up individual (10'x10') shade tents /EZ-Ups for the duration of Mountain Fair. The fees collected will some day be used to create a massive shade structure.

I would like naysayers of the idea and the rest of the community to be aware of an ethic among past, and hopefully present, shade-tenters: The space in the park belongs to no single-person, so we believe in sharing our shade with others to the extent that we can still enjoy it. I hope that all shade-tenters invite not only their close friends to join them, but also other fair-goers who look hot and like they might like to enter the shade and take in some music.

We have entered the lottery for an EZ-Up site with a handful of other families with young children. We are hopeful to have a "home base" at Mountain Fair and grateful to CCAH for arranging the system. For those who feel "left out" of the shade, I invite you to look for an unoccupied EZ-Up and get yourself some shade. When the official occupants arrive, you may just make some new friends. Also, I recommend for you THE COOLEST place in the park to be: underneath the trees with your feet in the ditch. That’s where IT’S really at.

Jimmy Byrne


Use it, reduce it

Dear Editor:

We (CORE) participated in the Unified for Thompson Divide Rally on July 13 and are pleased to say it was an outstanding event with over 700 attendees. The Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE) works cooperatively with businesses, individuals, utilities and government entities to create measurable improvements in energy and water efficiency in order to benefit the environment and develop a more sustainable economy.

Drilling in Thompson Divide will not develop a more sustainable economy for the Roaring Fork Valley. Therefore CORE opposes drilling in the divide and supports the efforts of the Thompson Divide Coalition to preserve this important land in our valley. In support of the Thompson Divide Coalition and as one more way to empower residents and businesses to take action, CORE partnered with CLEER (Clean Energy Economy for the Region) on creating the Thompson Divide Energy Pledge, a six-week campaign to encourage citizens in the valley to reduce their personal energy consumption so that collectively we can prevent oil and gas extraction in wild and scenic places like Thompson Divide. We are doing our part and we call on valley residents to take the Thompson Divide Energy Pledge and show their support for the protection of Thompson Divide. Visit to learn more about what you can do too!

Lucy Emerson-Bell

Outreach Coordinator, CORE

Carbondale and Aspen