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“This is probably the disease that’s going to take you out.” I heard those words from my doctor a couple weeks ago. Of course, life itself is a fatal condition. None of us gets out of here alive. But having recently retired, I was looking forward to spending a decade or two painting and writing newspaper columns. I wasn’t planning an imminent tête-à-tête with the Grim Reaper.
So my question is, “How soon?” Read more >
If the photo Carol Fabian sent us in accepting the position of advertising manager is any indication, she’s going to fit right in here at The Sun. Fabian hails from the small town of Little Falls, Minn. and came to Colorado “on a whim.” Read more >
My father-in-law, Irv, died of lung cancer in 1996. He suffered pain from a compound leg fracture some years earlier. He had serious heart disease and his kidneys were failing. I’d respected and loved Irv 32 years by then. He feared weakness and dependency and had always wanted to control his own death. He had medication at hand to end his life painlessly. Read more >
2018. Wow. We’re almost into the Roaring 20s again… you can practically smell the rich getting richer.
With all the distractions in this administration and the breaks with tradition (not to mention the outright scandals) and yet Trump still in office, I can’t help but wonder if this is how it felt when Hitler was just starting out. When the king of England went to visit Germany (after he abdicated the throne) he was hanging out with Nazis, even touring concentration camps — granted, before they were in use, but still, could he read a shadow of the word genocide written on the wall? I have to admit, sometimes when we’re knee-deep in it, life is harder to decipher and the obvious becomes less so. Read more >
I, like many people my age who don’t quite have “it” together, have an aversion to going to the doctor’s office. For anything. This does not stem from my parents. My parents wouldn’t take me to the doctor for every little thing, but they would never make me suffer the way that I let myself suffer when I am sick. I prefer the “ibuprofen and let it run its course” method. I tend to do my lady and the other annual exams which are covered by my insurance, but stop just short of anything that starts to threaten “out-of-pocket” expenses. Read more >
I don’t usually put a whole lot of stock in the New Year transition (see past rants on our inelegant and arbitrary calendar), but now that it marks the anniversary of my role here at The Sun, I find myself getting all sentimental. In addition to the myriad of local happenings you can read about in our annual year in review, it’s been an eventful year for the paper itself. We’ve had a pretty significant staff shuffle. The departure of former Editor Lynn Burton was expected, and I suppose we can’t fault John Colson for retiring after all these years (though we expect him to stay involved in as-yet unrevealed ways). Read more >
A confession: I hate Christmas carols. Well, maybe not all of them. Christmas music gets piped into every retail store, airport and bus station beginning six weeks before Christmas. The onslaught now begins before Thanksgiving. So each year, I must endure five or six weeks of music I was totally sick of from the get-go. Read more >
If you saw the cover photo on last week’s Sopris Sun, you know that Carol Klein is one of the coolest people in this very cool town. Lucky for all of us, she’s not alone. As I approach the end of my term as president of The Sopris Sun Board, I want to recognize a few other generous souls: gentle giants who’ve worked mostly behind the scenes the past few years to help this nonprofit newspaper fulfill its charitable mission: “to inform, inspire, and build community.” Read more >
Sometimes in life, we don’t know where we’re going until we get there. Decades ago at the University of Alabama, a final assignment in my Humanities “Future Communities” class required a presentation examining how elements of our chosen professions might erode community. It seemed at first like a daunting task for December exam week. Read more >
How many is it now? I’ve honestly lost track. Lately there have been countless prominent men who have been accused of sexual harassment in the weeks since Harvey Weinstein was outed by the media. Read more >