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Psst, wanna buy some coastal property?
Despite the news of Harvey and Irma, I was surprised to learn that the husbands of two of my friends do—in Florida no less! Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised. The Yale Program on Climate Communication has found that nationally, while 69 percent of Americans think that global warming is real and dangerous, only 42 percent think it will harm them personally. Read more >
You may have heard there’s an additional polo field going in near the existing one at the Catherine Store intersection. What you might not know is that we’re losing a productive local farm in the process. Why should you care? In this time on the planet, with so much uncertainty about the future coming at us, we do know that we will need to eat. And we will need to grow MUCH more of our food locally as our global food supply is increasingly vulnerable to climate impacts. Read more >
Each time I make an appointment for a haircut I tell myself I will try something new; bangs perhaps, or a pixie cut. Although, I’ve never been what you would call pixieish. I come from a long line of large-boned, well-over-six-foot, whiskered highlanders named Horace who lived for 90 years. In fact, I’m not even sure what a ‘pixie’ is… sort of like an elf meets a bird-boned girl from the rainforest? Anyway, I think it sounds adorable! Read more >
In the few mind blowing minutes I stood in the dark shadow of the moon, gazing at the beautiful silvery threads of the corona, I was reassured our eclipse chase to The Cowboy State was worth the effort. Through all the packing and loading, through the eight hours in the car with our two boys, and even as we arrived to the crustiest, most dilapidated house ever to be listed on VRBO, I reflected back to the years my parents resolved to show us the heartbeat of America- the inter-workings of this new country we called home. Road tripping was how our family took the initial grand tour of the new land and with each trip we learned to appreciate different aspects our nation. Read more >
How amazing are the people of the Roaring Fork Valley! I write these words after a wonderful series of events in the past few weeks of live music, theater, and even a community dinner in the street. The creative process flows strong through our Valley. There was also a delightful offering of celestial origin, a rare alignment between sun, moon and earth. Read more >
90 minutes before totality: After days of planning and an eight-hour drive, you pull off the highway into a dirt parking lot by a bluff overlooking the river. You exchange pleasantries (and snacks) with the other groups parked near you, and unwrap your cardboard and plastic eclipse safety glasses. The sky above you is a sunbleached blue, clear of clouds, and you feel excitement mounting. Read more >
As all of us know, life takes various turns and twists. In the spring of 2014 I ran for a 4 year term on the Carbondale and Rural Fire Protection District and was successfully elected to that term. This spring my wife and I decided to consider selling our home in the Crystal Valley. We talked to four Real Estate Brokers and they all projected that the average time on the market in the Crystal Valley was 270 days. We thought this timing was perfect for a number of things including my term on the Fire District Board. As often happens, with the best laid plans of all of us, they sometimes prove to be in error. Our home sold and closed in 63 days. As a result, I no longer meet the qualifications to be a District Board Member. Read more >
The president slammed her hand down on the table and thundered, “These leaks must stop. I’m going to find out who’s leaking, and there will be serious — very serious — repercussions!”
Sound like our nation’s current president? It’s not. There are two tip-offs here: first the pronoun “her”, second, the language is far too coherent to have come from Trump.
But this column is a parable about leaks — and why Trump and Sessions can’t plug them. At Trump’s behest, Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently announced that that the F.B.I. had created a new counterintelligence unit to track down those who leak classified information and that the Justice Department “wouldn’t hesitate to bring criminal charges” against leakers. Read more >
Dear Reader: The Sopris Sun Board of Directors wishes to extend our utmost gratitude to every generous contributor. Without support from donors, our 8-year-old paper could not provide the vibrant service of connecting our community through the colorful stories and images unique to our town’s historical, present, and future happenings. Read more >
I’ve become obsessed with the idea of acquiring grit. My driving motivation is raising two boys in a world totally different than the one I knew as a kid. My family had its share of hard knocks. Like so many immigrants who arrive in this new land, we were initially strapped for money and living on a prayer. Read more >