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Share Your Photos

The Sopris Sun welcomes photography submissions from the public, both for our print edition of the paper and for this website. Space is limited in the print paper but not online. If we cannot use your photo in print, it may still find a home here. Our new “Photo of the Day” feature will spotlight selected photos from the community on the home page. All appropriate photos submitted will be considered for the online Photo Gallery as well.

Please keep in mind the following requirements:

All Photos 

Submissions must include the name of the individual who took the photo if he/she wants photo credit.

Please include a phone number we can call if we have any questions. The photographer retains all rights to the photo, although the Sopris Sun does reserve the right to re-publish the image in a subsequent edition or Sopris Sun special edition or online at

Photos for the Print Edition

Photos must be sent electronically to

The photo resolution must be at least 300 dpi/5 inches wide. Some cell phone photo resolution works and some doesn’t. Send them in and we’ll give them a look. If we can’t fit them in the paper edition, they may still appear on the website.

For details, e-mail the Sopris Sun at

Photos for the Website

Send your digital photos to The Sun’s webmaster and photo buff, Will Grandbois, at

Almost any resolution can work for photos on the Web, but if you want your photo to be considered for the “Photo of the Day” slot on The Sopris Sun’s home page, horizontal orientation is suggested.

Thank you for supporting The Sun by helping us share your photos with the larger community.