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Overhead utilities head underground

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Overhead utilities head underground

Sopris Sun Staff Report

Construction at the intersection of Highway 133 and Main Street is scheduled to begin on Oct. 21 and continue for six weeks so that Excel Energy, Century Link, Cedar Networks and Comcast can put their overhead utilities underground before the Colorado Department of Transportation’s highway project starts next year.

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The undergrounding will extend east-to-west along Main Street from the RFTA bus stop across from Subway to a location across from Hendricks Drive to the south, according to Carbondale Public Works Director Larry Ballenger.

Construction along the Highway 133 corridor will extend south-to- north from the Sopris Liquor and Wine driveway. After that phase, the contractor will then begin construction north-to-south from Colorado Avenue to Sopris Liquor and Wine.

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Following is an e-mail Q&A with Ballenger on the project.

Q: What will the hours of construction be?

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The contractor (Gould Construction) has not made a request for extended work hours.  The town code provides 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. construction.

Q: Will construction take place on weekends?

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The contractor has not made a request to work on Saturdays … the town and the contractor want to expedite this project.

Q: Will there be traffic delays and how will they be handled?

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There will be one lane of traffic on Main Street as the contractor works its way south.  The contractor has made a request to close Colorado Avenue for one day to make that utility crossing.

Q: Will there be any detours off of Highway 133?

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If the town allows Colorado Avenue to be closed, there will be a detour for Colorado Avenue traffic to use Main Street.

Q: Will people be able to access businesses on Highway 133 throughout the project?

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For one day, access to Sopris Liquor and Wine, Gandhi restaurant, Subway, Casual Culture and La Perla will be closed on Highway 133.  The shopping complex’s entrance on Main Street will remain open.

Q: What does the project entail?

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The project entails replacing the old cast iron water main throughout the area where the new roundabout is to be constructed.  All of the overhead utilities that you see along this corridor will be placed underground.

Q: How much will the project cost the town and any other entities involved with it?

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The overhead utility undergrounding project will cost the town $835,149.61.  We have a Garfield County federal mineral lease grant in the amount of $300,000.  The water main replacement project will cost approximately $250,000.  Our franchise agreement with Xcel Energy requires the town to pay the cost for their undergrounding.  The other utilities support the cost of their material.

Q: Will the town post periodic updates on its website?

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Yes we will. We will also places ads in the newspaper to keep people informed.

Q: Will construction take place on both sides of the highway?

This fall, construction will take place on the east side of Highway 133.