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Letters 11/7/13

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Come for Poured Out

Dear Editor:

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A little girl walks four miles from her
home village in Haiti in search of water to quench her thirst. And
yet, the very water she seeks will wreak havoc on her body. All she
wants is a drink. Water, usually a source of life, has become a
source of pain and sorrow.

Thousands of miles away, where safe
drinking water is accessible at the turn of a faucet, a woman stands
looking at the devastation a tornado caused in her neighborhood.
Hours earlier she was going about her daily routine, only to be
interrupted by warning sirens; in 25 years these sirens have never
caused her to seek shelter. Today was different. A divine whisper
convinced her to hide in her closet. When she emerged following the
storm, that closet was the only thing that remained of her home.

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Two completely different circumstances
resulted in the same needs: relief and restoration.

Poured Out is non-profit offering
relief and restoration in the most broken and thirsty places. They
are making a difference in the world by taking water from
life-threatening to life-giving in Haiti, and bringing help here in
the United States to areas affected by natural disasters.

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Earlier this summer I had the
opportunity to meet the founders of Poured Out while working with
them in Moore, Oklahoma, following the tornado. Along with nine
others from the Roaring Fork Valley, I dirtied my hands in the rubble
alongside the founders of Poured Out. We were so impressed by their
work ethic, and their compassion for the helpless. We have been
changed because of their example, and because of the various
expressions of service they open to those of us in more comfortable

We invite the community to join us in
celebrating the work of Poured Out and to partner with them as they
continue to do good both near and far. I Heart Clean Water: Saturday,
Nov. 9 from 6 to 8 p.m. at The Gathering Center in Carbondale.
Appetizers from Allegria, activities for kids, live music, a Haitian
gift shop and more! Tickets are available at the door, or by calling
379-4159. Adults/$10, Kids/$5, Families/$30. This event is sponsored
by Allegria, Umbrella Roofing, Culligan and Sustainable Settings.

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Kara Montie


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Muertos thanks

Dear Editor:

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Carbondale’s celebration of Día de
Los Muertos was truly a collective effort of several cultures,
organizations and students. It embodied the spirit of collaboration
and cultural integration that we strive for.

At CCAH we want to share our gratitude
to all who helped make it happen. First and foremost, we need to
thank Diana Alcantara, who has been the visionary behind the CCAH Dia
celebration. She brings together many of our Latin and Anglo cultures
to create this experience, as well as works with students to educate
and include them on this holiday.

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Our partners, Thunder River Theater,
produce a lovely show that kicks off the evening with poetry, music
and a true honoring of the deceased. It is a wonderful collaboration
that takes the celebration up a notch.

A special thanks to Soozie Lindbloom,
OM Puppet Theater and students from the Waldorf school for an awesome
puppet show. We have many teachers participating, from Rifle to
Carbondale, that take the time to involve their students in this
night. Big kudos to Liz Waters from Rifle High School and Gayle Mason
and Rochelle Norwood from our Carbondale schools.

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Traditional food is an important part
of the evening and many women and businesses came together to insure
we had a taste of Mexico. Thank you to Deb Colley, El Pollo Rico, El
Horizonte, Mi Casita, Laura Stover, Diana Alcantara, Marisol, Alma
Guzman, Maridahlia and Erika Galindo for the yummy tastes.

Eloisa Duarte helped put together an
altar with the Valley Settlement’s Mother Mentoring program, which
is breathtaking. Liz Ensminger and Sondie Reiff helped keep the
evening running smoothly. We had a special performance, thanks to
Alejandra Rico, by two wonderful musicians from Chihuahua (Ana and
Luis) otherwise known as La Gata Negra. Their rendition of a classic
Mexican folk song “La Llorona” was breathtaking.

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There are beautiful altars and Dia art
in the Round Room at the Third Street Center through Nov. 15. Please
take time to check them out. It is a wonderfully moving experience.

Last but not least, a great shout-out
to the First Fridays Committee and the Carbondale Chamber for all the

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Thanks again for all the community
support. We can’t create these kind of experiences without you!

Amy Kimberly

CCAH Executive Director

Wake up

Dear Editor:

There was an article in the paper
several weeks ago with a school board member from RE1 asking what do
we really want our kids to learn in school. The following is my late

Russia told us long ago, that America
would be defeated from within, by the lack of the following:
patriotism-love of country, worship and morals. All are the backbone
of America and is what made America great and free. Unfortunately,
Stalin was right.

Teddy Roosevelt said, “When you
educate a man in mind and not in morals, you educate a menace to

We are now faced with self-centered
young — do what you want, no integrity, no honesty, no decency, no
respect. Look at our TV, movies, magazines, schools, colleges:
cheating, shooting and killing.

We no longer have freedom of speech,
(which does away with any mention of God who gave us the 10
Commandments so we would have character and morals), American
history, love of country/patriotism that are of prime importance.

Wake up America before we lose ALL our
freedoms inch by inch.

Ruth Brown Perry