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Secret revealed on Dec. 31

“It’s a secret,” according to vocalist Olivia Pevec.

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The band that she founded, formerly known as All the Pretty Horses, will perform at Steve’s Guitars on New Year’s Eve. Not only will the band reveal its “secret” that evening, it is also the official release of their new EP, which they’ve been working on for the last two years.

“Actually, it’s the coming out party for our new name,” Pevec told The Sopris Sun in an exclusive interview. Although she won’t reveal the moniker before the night of Dec. 31, she did say that “it’s inspired by audience participation and it contains a local reference.”

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The reason the band changed their name, she said, is mostly for Internet search reasons but also because they have grown a lot from their beginnings.

Band members include Pevec, Mateo Sandate, Aaron Taylor, Ashton Taufer, Frank Martin and Sophia Clark.

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Poll results

The most recent Sopris Sun poll asked whether all town of Carbondale employees, including seasonal and part-timers, should be paid at least $15 an hour. The results were 8 yes (53 percent) and 7 no (46 percent).

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The new poll asks “Has your experience with signing up for Obamacare been good, bad or in between.” To log your answer, go to

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End-of-year note

The year 2013 will be remembered by some as the year of cornhole toss. Cornhole was introduced to Carbondale at Oktober/Celtic fest this fall and later picked up for a fund-raiser in Glenwood Springs.

Cornhole is similar to a beanbag toss, but the bags are fill ed with corn rather than beans. The object is to toss the bags into a hole cut into a shallow box (aka a “cornhole platform.”) According to the American Cornhole Association website, the game originated in Germany in the 14th century and was rediscovered in the hills of Kentucky over 100 years ago.

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Michael D. Whitton, the president and a founding member of the American Cornhole Association, said on the ACA website “ … The … Association was established by a small group of dedicated Cornholers from the west side of Cincinnati, Ohio. … Our mission is to introduce our friends and neighbors to the game of Cornhole … and to establish more standardized rules … .”

Whitton said the ACA wants to establish a ranking system to allow members to compete with one another around the country based on statistical results of their play. “Our membership is truly worldwide. Our brothers and sisters in the military are in the forefront of spreading the game … .”

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As for the game’s local future, cornhole observers say they’ll be surprised it doesn’t attract even more players in 2014, and perhaps add members to the ACA roles.

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They say it’s your birthday

Folks celebrating their birthday this week include: Emma Danciger and Greg “DJ Phathead” Benson (Dec. 26); Chip Bishop (Dec. 28); Randy Schutt, Sue Edelstein, Nick Walgren and Mark Gray (Dec. 29); Beymar Silva (Dec. 30), Kris Cook (Dec. 31); and Lucas Pulver and Anne Grice (Jan. 1).