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Sopris Sun Staff Report

The Roaring Fork School District is
organizing another round of community
meetings in Carbondale, Basalt and Glen-
wood Springs as part of the district’s on-
going visioning process.

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The Carbondale meeting will be held
on March 12 at 6 p.m. at Crystal River
Elementary School.

More than 300 Carbondale commu-
nity members and teachers participated
in the visioning meetings this past fall. In
January, the Re-1 school board approved
a new draft mission statement and a series
of “Core Commitments” based on the in-
formation gathered from the fall commu-
nity meetings in Carbondale, Basalt and
Glenwood Springs.

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While the district website refers to the
new mission statement and core commit-
ments as “drafts,” school board president
Matt Hamilton told The Sopris Sun, “The
board agreed to the spirit of the mission
and core commitments with the under-
standing that the broad concepts would
not change, although specific words might
be tweaked.”

The long list of Core Commitments
goes far beyond a narrow definition of
academic achievement. The list includes
a commitment to teacher empowerment;
a commitment to providing “meaningful,
engaging, experiential learning opportu-
nities;” and a commitment to students’
character development (e.g., “Our stu-
dents will develop resilience, determina-

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tion and a belief they can succeed … be
self-motivated, passionate and respon-
sible for their own learning.”) To view the
entire list of Core Commitments, visit

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One of the goals of this next round of
community meetings is to get community
input as to whether these core commit-
ments accurately reflect the hopes and
desires that people expressed in the fall
community meetings.

The two other goals the district has set
for the March meetings are to get feed-
back from the community on the work
that has been done so far on the district’s
strategic plan, and to discuss ideas around
community engagement and measuring
student success.

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The district will be holding similar
meetings with teachers and staff in each
of the three communities to address these
same three goals.

The format of the March meetings
will be similar to the format of the com-
munity meetings this past fall: both small
group and large group dialogues facilitat-
ed by the Denver-based group The Civic
Canopy. This next round of community
meetings will focus on four key themes:
academic performance, student character
development, teacher/talent development,
and parent and community engagement
in our schools and district. 

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