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A new Carbondale-based online magazine  ( owes its name to a pair of Alices. One, of “Alice in Wonderland” fame, was born at the hand of author Lewis Carroll in 1865. The other Alice, with the last name of Paul, is lesser known, at least to most guys. Paul (1885-1977) was an American suffragist, feminist as well as main strategist and leader of the 1910s campaign for the 19th Amendment which prohibits sex discrimination in the right to vote.

“We named it Alice because we want the content to be both brazen and imaginative, like our inspirations: Alice Paul and Alice in Wonderland,” Alice co-founder Maura Masters told The Sopris Sun. “Alice is an honest depiction of what real women think about and go through each day.”

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Jeannie Perry, the other half of the founding team, added that Alice is “An online magazine by, for and about real women … organic and all-inclusive … a platform for neo-feminism, with the undercurrent message that equal does not mean the same.”

Masters and Perry are longtime friends. They bumped into each other one day and Perry said she was “frustrated and fed up” with the way magazine cover girls look like they are “too young to drive.” Masters was looking for a new outlet for her creativity.

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The first edition features the work of writers, bloggers artists and others from Carbondale and beyond, including: Dorsey Moore, Kristen Levey, Anne Isham, Courtney Lea, Annemarie Zanca, Pam Neery, Felicia Trevor Gallo, plus Perry and Masters. Articles include “The Emperor’s New Pantsuit” and “Food Preservation: Yes, you ‘can’ it.”

Isham, from Austin, takes readers to the 2015 National Senior Games, where her events included the pole vault. “Watching the Olympics as a child, I believed I was born to pole vault. … I can’t explain what has possessed so many other women in their 60-70 age group to take up pole vaulting.”

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The next issue of Alice the Mag comes out Dec. 3. The theme is “Hittin’ the Road” and the submission deadline is Nov. 1. For details, e-mail

Published in The Sopris Sun on September 3, 2015.

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