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Dancing-Light going global on VoiceAmerica

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By Lynn Burton

Sopris Sun Staff Writer

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Lisa Dancing-Light is going global with one of her songs, after author Dr. Kent Johnson chose it as one of two theme songs for his new show “The Convergence: Uniting the Tribes in the Interspiritual Age.”

The song, several years in the making, is adapted from a poem by author Anne Hillman, and is titled “The Song of Love” (an anthem for humanity). It starts:

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You are loved, you are accepted

You are held in a vast embrace  

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You are perfect as you are

A child of God, a gift of Grace.

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Johnson first heard Dancing-Light perform her song on the Third Street Center’s Kawai baby-grand piano during a Davi Nikent Interspiruality Network event at the Center in June of this year.

“He came up to me after performing it (the song) at the close of the presentation and said, ‘This is just the kind of song we are looking for, for our theme song for The Convergence,” Dancing-Light told The Sopris Sun. “I figured, that I would never hear from him again, but so many people are moved by the song and share all sorts of cool thoughts and inspirations.”

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In August, Dancing-Light received an e-mail saying the 13-week VoiceAmerica series was in production and was asking for her permission officially to use “The Song of Love” as a theme song. “It was at that time that I saw the list of guest speakers and I literally began to quiver with excitement, and I realized this was enormous.”

Speakers on the 14 week series, which starts on Nov. 3, include: Fr. Thomas Keating, Pato Banton, Hana Bower, David Sloan Wilson, evonomics founder Robert Kadar, Steve Farrell, shaman Oscar Mir-Quesada, Diane Williams and Deborah Moldow, Angie Thurston of the Harvard Divinity School, Deepak Chopra and others.

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“This is the greatest honor to feel a part of our global community through this offering to humanity, and especially to be associated with the high caliber of guest speakers working as a collective whole raising planetary awareness and consciousness,” Dancing-Light said.

Dancing-Light and Hillman were first introduced by Davi Nikent founder Rita Marsh in 2008, after Hillman’s second book, “Awakening the Energies of Love,” was released. Dancing-Light was inspired by and considered the book’s “Song of Love” chapter for several years, “but no melodies sang within me.” She was blocked.

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Finally, in 2011, Hillman came to Carbondale to lead “A Surrendered Life” retreat. Dancing-Light signed up. “In a private session with Anne I shared my creative inspiration. Her response was, ‘Yes, that’s it. Go for it.’ The perfectionist in me wanted specifics, so I asked, ‘What do you want the song to say? She gestured with arms outstretched and said, ‘I want it to say: Welcome, you are loved. Everyone is welcome. This is a song of inclusion.’”

The next morning in her hot shower, she looked up asking “Whatever wants to sing through me, sing threw me now. What happened next was something I cannot completely explain. The song sang itself to me completely. It came through as a perfect newborn baby.”

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Dancing-Light said she rushed to her piano, “desperately writing chords and melody down. … In an altered state of ecstasy.”

Later that day at the retreat, Hillman invited Dancing-Light to perform her new composition. “After a deep breath, I started singing. I looked up after the first verse; everyone was in tears. I knew something significant was happening. When I was done, there was silence. Anne, 

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herself a vocalist, declared, “Lisa, you did it!”

For more on Lisa Dancing-Light, go to

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Published in The Sopris Sun on October 27, 2016.