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Responding to Tipton

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Dear Editor:
I wonder if Rep. Tipton has noticed that the majority of the terrorist attacks in this country since 9/11 have been perpetrated by American citizens? Muslims, yes, but not immigrants. Orlando, San Bernardino, Boston, nobody from overseas involved. They were radicalized through social media. How is securing our borders going to stop them?
Under President Obama’s leadership, we have beaten back the ISIS caliphate, primarily and importantly, with Iraqi and Kurdish, not American, troops. In addition, we need to discourage Middle Eastern people and states from supporting terrorist groups.
The Palestinians chose Hamas to represent them on the international stage. By doing so, they have disqualified themselves from having their own state. Saudi Arabia supports Al Qaeda and Iran supports Hezbollah. That makes them rogue states and responsible for the damage done by those terrorist groups.
If you want to see terrorism, wait until President Trump moves our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Fred Malo Jr.

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