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The Trump gap

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Dear Editor:

Kellyanne Conway, Trumps hypnotic surrogate, was asked if, now that Trump will be our president, will his tweets become more factual.

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Kellyanne answered that, “to Trump’s supporters there are no facts. What Trump says is a fact. What the media says is a lie.”

This explains the gap I’ve witnessed between what my good friends, who are Trump supporters, think and the perspective of folks I know that are not his supporters. There has always been a gap between the Right’s information sources and the rest of informed Americans but now the gap promises to become an in-traversable canyon as our emboldened Republican representatives and commissioners move alt-right and become more informed by the 3 a.m. tweets of a pathological liar.

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At his last rally Trump told us, “I don’t need your votes now, maybe in four years, I don’t know, but I don’t need your votes now.” This is Trump speak for “I’ll be taking care of my billionaire buddies now…”.

I guess we chumps are on our own again.

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John Hoffmann


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