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Insults win the presidency

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Dear Editor:

Hearing the democrats stretching to understand what they did so wrong that Trump got elected, I remember Jeb Bush inadvertently exposing Don’s strategy. He told Trump that he could not insult his way to the presidency. Trump smiled, looked up, then left and right in an un-worded reply of ‘we’ll see’.

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That is exactly what he did. He insulted his way to the presidency, aided by the AP’s drip, drip, drip of negative innuendo about Hillary. His base ate it up. Hillary still won the popular vote by almost 3 million and democrats won 23 million more votes than republicans in senate and house races with gerrymandering placing repugnitans in office instead.

I guess liars do profit. Maybe our challenge is how to bring 63 million people through kindergarten to learn how to play nice.  

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John Hoffmann


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