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More to tax than oil

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Dear Editor:

The thought that Garfield County is sending money to a Texas concern to promote the oil and gas industry while closing down our libraries for lack of funds sickens me. Libraries are essential to any community. What price do you put on the public’s access to knowledge?

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The idea that the county needs the oil and gas industry to fill its coffers is preposterous. Glenwood Springs sets new records every year for sales tax revenues. Why can’t the county get in on some of that?

The local economy has a burgeoning industry. It’s called tourism and it’s doing very well. Skiing, hiking, mountain biking, camping, hunting, fishing, and just plain sight-seeing are filling accommodations everywhere. How many tourists are going to come here if the landscape is blighted with oil and gas rigs and leaky pipelines?

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Even if the county does require the oil and gas industry, it needs to find something else. The oil and gas industry is obsolete, unnecessary, and damaging to our environment and climate.

Bring back the libraries and say goodbye to oil and gas.’

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Fred Malo Jr.

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