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From the archives of the Roaring Fork Valley Journal, compiled by John Colson

April 21, 1977

Helen Tibbetts, 77, a lifetime resident of the Roaring Fork Valley, noted church organist and celebrated teacher at various area schools, was honored as Carbondale’s Woman of the Year at a ceremony in the Carbondale Elementary School (now the Third Street Center) that was attended by more than 200 celebrants. Also that week, the town formally took over summertime recreational programming, which had been handled by an independent group, and created a Parks and Recreation Commission to handle the work.

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April 23, 1987

The community rallied to help with medical costs for four-year-old Stevie Inverso, who was badly injured when an out-of-control skier slammed into him at Aspen Highlands. The Crystal Car Wash on Buggy Lane agreed to donate a portion of its revenues from a Saturday of car washing, and the Village Smithy did the same, to assist parents Steve and Mary Inverso deal with an expected $25,000 bill for their son’s broken leg and head injuries.

April 24, 1997

In the continuing saga of proposals to return passenger rail service to the valley, Carbondale declined to contribute to a $60,000 price tag to help pay for a train demonstration project in the summer. Town trustees felt the price was too high, and the prospect of learning anything useful too low, to justify spending taxpayers’ money on the train proposal, which downvalley residents felt was really an upvalley thing anyway.

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April 26, 2007

In an attempt to address issues of overcrowding in local apartments and homes, the board of trustees passed an ordinance restricting occupancy to one person per 200 square feet of living space for the first occupant, and 150-square feet for each additional occupant. Town officials were worried that poverty was forcing too many people to crowd together in too many cases.

Published in The Sopris Sun on April 20, 2017. 

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