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Dear Editor: 
I am writing in support of Pat Kiernan’s building project at 728 Euclid Avenue, Carbondale. His project is an exciting possibility for Carbondale as it supports both the need for additional housing and the intent of the energy efficiency goals of the town. Mr. Kiernan’s project meets the UDC and building code and its resource efficient design aligns with Carbondale’s environmental goals.
The shared home provides affordable housing and a sense of belonging in a town with a critical housing shortage and strong community vitality. Carbondale’s downtown core is currently diverse in nature with all types of housing arrangements and architecture. This contributes to the creative small-town nature of Carbondale that we hold valuable as a community. Today, more than ever we must encourage creative innovative solutions that have not been tried before or we may never find solutions to move us toward a sustainable future for our entire community.
I support the decisions made by the building and planning officials to approve the permit.

Sarah R. Johnson

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