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Pages of the Past: Town feuds with fire district

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From the archives of the Roaring Fork Valley Journal, compiled by Lynn Burton

May 19, 1977

The Town of Carbondale, and the Carbondale Fire District, were feuding over the ownership of the district’s headquarters building at 76 S. Second Street (currently KDNK). The fire district claimed it is the building’s rightful owner, and the town should pay fair market value for it, which it said was $5,000. The town and fire district had been sharing the building, but the fire district was preparing to move to its new HQ on Highway 133 later in the year.

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In other news: In an advertisement, Mutual Savings & Loan announced “Crystal Village homes now being built … after months of preparatory work and excavation, the first homes are going in SEGO’s Crystal Village.”

May 21, 1987

In the 10th edition of the “Last Carbondale Spring Talent Show,” the Sister Sisters (Tanya-Travis Benton, Ryb Katz and Ingrid Seidel) took first place with a live performance of the Bangles hit song “Walk Like an Egyptian,” which included video cameos of several Carbondale people in Egyptian pose (right hand up and pointing ahead with palm down, left hand down and pointing to the rear) – including police chief Fred Williams.

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May 22, 1997

The Valley Journal published an article that began, “Recognizing that the lack of affordable housing in Eagle County (and El Jebel) is a significant problem, a task force that began meeting a year ago recently submitted to the Eagle County P&Z a draft document that presents possible policies and action steps to help solve the problem.”

In other news: A series of meetings addressing Latino-related law enforcement issues — organized by the Latino Network Council and Asistencia para Latinos – was drawing to a close.

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May 17, 2007

Carbondale Middle School students collected more than 1,000 shoes to donate to the nonprofit Soles4Soules. Teacher Joe Markham told the Valley Journal that in a lot of countries, “ … shoes are a luxury. Any money the family has goes to food and shelter.”