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Dear Editor:

I propose we build a wall along our southern border. No, not the national border to keep out Mexicans, but Colorado’s southern border to keep out Texans.

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Texans own more property in Colorado than Coloradans do and they are poor stewards of the land. All they want to do is drill into it and erect rigs and derricks that despoil the countryside, all to extract a fossil fuel that is rapidly becoming obsolete, endangering nearby citizens with fires and explosions, and damaging our environment and climate. Texans won’t be happy until our beautiful state looks like the blighted landscape we saw in the Texas-based film “Hell or High Water.”

Worse, Texans are poor skiers. They ski out of control jeopardizing other skiers, while their wives sit in front of the fire in the lodge in their $1,000 ski outfits and never see the slopes. Texans are recognizable in the apris ski joints. They are the boisterous, boorish ones with ten gallon hats, string ties, and alligator boots.

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If we had a wall, Texans could go right around Colorado to Wyoming. Dick Cheney would welcome them there. The Mexicans are welcome here.

Fred Malo Jr.

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