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Dear Editor:

The point of this letter is to get some light shined on our policy that we believe is a great idea for this small but amazing town. Our policy is meant to expand the circulator bus route in order to get people closer to their desired destinations because, not everyone just wants to go to Main Street. We want to inform the public about this issue so that they start to talk about it and possibly gain some support for our policy.

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The problem is that some people do not get dropped off at points that will give them less of a walk to their home/destination, probably after a long day at work. Sure it will get you to our tasty local restaurants and stores, but the route just isn’t reasonable enough for other circulator riders who ride it regularly only to have to end up walking a long distance from their homes. Our policy will place a stop that is deeper in town and expands the route of the circulator, and we will have to get rid of some of the stops on main street because it already has enough in main street. This will allow the circulator to still have good timing and good sync with the other buses on the RFTA schedule. Our town board members just need to vote for this policy and come into a compromise with RFTA to make this happen.

If you agree with this policy then here is what you can do. You could e-mail me to “” and you could give me your ideas or comments on the topic. Also, if you really feel like you need this policy to pass, you could show your support by showing up to a town board meeting at city hall and bring up your thoughts on the subject, and vote to pass this policy.

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Gio Ortiz


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