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Mountain Fair tops Woodstock

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Dear Editor: “Three days of fun and music and nothing but fun and music.”

That’s how Max Yasgur described the Woodstock music festival he hosted on his farm in 1969. If that’s all it was, Carbondale’s Mountain Fair last weekend surpassed it by far.

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Mountain Fair was music, dance, aerial silk dancing, poetry, art, food, running and bicycle racing, fly casting, pie and cake baking, woodsplitting, yoga, horseshoes, and vendors selling everything under the sun. I ate Mexican, Salvadorian, Thai, Greek, and American food. How’s that for diversity.

There wasn’t that much drunkenness and the drunks there were displayed a certain nobility. For three days, they’d show up at ten in the morning, already loaded, dance and frolic until ten at night when they were still on their feet. I question their judgment, but admire their endurance. They were happy drunks and there were no fights.

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Just like Woodstock and in keeping with the fair’s water theme, we got rained on. If anyone’s spirits were dampened, they didn’t show it. We streamed through the gates and partied to the max. Fittingly, a double rainbow closed the show.

Alright, we didn’t have “a half a million kids” but I think 20,000 is exceptional for a small Rocky Mountain town with no massive metropolis like New York anywhere near.

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Fred Malo Jr.


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