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Atomic racism

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Dear Editor:

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Daily North Korea, other “Third World” countries and oppressed people of color must deal with racism, colonialism, imperialism and neocolonialism.

When I was born racism was still synonymous with white supremacy, and a racist was always white. Also the term Western Civilization is still synonymous with white supremacy.  Code words, dog whistle talk.

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It was the trickster Kerner Commission that invented the strange term of white racism. This led to calling American Blacks racists and to terms like reverse discrimination and diversity.

Creating the term of white racism allowed American whites to say when it fit their needs that the oppressed Black Man is racist.

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White atomic (nuclear) weapons countries of France, the United Kingdom, Russia and the United States of America must respect the “Third World” atomic (nuclear) weapons countries of North Korea, India, Pakistan, and China.

North Korea won’t be tricked by the U.S. like Libya because “the white man’s burden” is not in the best interest of or for “Third World” countries and freedom loving “Third World” people.

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Emzy Veazy III


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