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Illegal marijuana grow site eradicated near Redstone

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An interagency team of law enforcement officers removed over 2,700 marijuana plants from an illegal grow site near Redstone on Sept. 28, according to a White River National Forest press release. In addition to the plants, infrastructure including irrigation pipe, camping gear, trash, tarps, chemicals to deter wildlife and fertilizer was removed, and one suspect is in federal custody. 
“A team comprised of multi-agency officials from Forest Service Law Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations, the Drug Enforcement Administration, Bureau of Land Management, Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office, Gunnison County Sheriff’s Office and Colorado Parks and Wildlife have undergone significant coordination over the past several months to lead to this action,” the release read. 
Such grows — of which four have been discovered and eradicated on White River National Forest since 2013 — are dangerous and damaging to the forest. The Forest Service urged locals to report any suspicious activity such as water diversions or long-term human habitation. It is further advised to leave promptly the same way you came in and avoid calling attention to yourself.