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Save the aesthetics of the Crystal River Valley

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Dear Editor:

I’m deeply concerned about the Open Space and Trails proposed trail through the Crystal River Valley.  It has been my home for thirty years and I still thrill at its beauty as I drive Highway 133.  I, as do many, love to hike and bike and find no shortage of these opportunities now.  I have studied the plans, both A and B.  I find no good reason to embark upon a decades-long costly project that will produce endless traffic delays, introduce signs, guardrails, pullouts, and even bridges required by Plan A or B.  Either plan will destroy the natural vegetation, alter critical wildlife areas, and cross private property.  Further, either plan will ultimately result in bringing  an urban project into a most un-urban place.  

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Less invasive options include widening the highway shoulders by a few feet where feasible only, and beginning the trail at the top of McClure Pass bypassing the costly and invasive construction within the valley.  No trail should also be an option.

Like Robert Moses the builder of bridges and highways found, if you build it they will come.

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Thank you for your time and consideration.

Jacqueline Dearborn

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