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Unofficial election results

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Unofficial preliminary results are trickling in for the 2017 coordinated election, according to county websites and 
As of 9 p.m. Tuesday night, Carbondale and Rural Fire Protection District’s mill levy renewal attempt 4C has a strong showing, with 64 percent of 2,207 votes tallied favoring the measure.
Voters rejected measure 1A, a tax increase of $3.42 per $100,000 of assessed property value that would have supported seven historical societies located in Garfield County. Out of 7872 votes, 55 percent of voters were turning thumbs down.
Ballot Issue 4B, which would have authorized the Colorado Mountain College Board of Trustees to increase its mill levy to offset revenue losses in the event of a Gallagher-mandated tax assessment rate decrease, has failed. The preliminary results, which total at 38,855 votes, show a 46 to 54 percent defeat for the measure.
Peg Portscheller unofficially won the contested District 3 Board of Trustees Director position, which represents Western Garfield County, against Randy Winkler in a 58 to 42 percent victory.