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Disaster (mostly) averted for Mobile Maker Bus

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Firefighters snuffed a smoldering battery compartment Rosybelle Mobile Maker Bus on Dec. 8 before it could spread further.
“The good news is there’s minimal damage and no one was hurt,” said Rosybelle Coordinator Kat Rich. “In retrospect, it was a very small disaster that could have been much bigger.”
According to Rich, a passerby happened to notice smoke coming from under the bus, where a series of lead acid batteries stored energy from a solar array to power electronic, heat and lights for the rolling art activity space. A loose metal fitting is believed to have caused an arc that torched foam insulation, though no active flames were observed. The damage is estimated at $2,000 to $4,000; it’s currently unclear whether insurance will cover the damage. In the meantime, the bus will be temporarily out of commission — though luckily few activities were schedule for the next month, anyway. Photo by Jane Bachrach

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