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Have you ever tried to share one of our stories on Facebook only to have a big “X” pop up where the picture should be? Or struggled to navigate the home page on your phone?
Well, not anymore. Our new website is up at and full of more-than-cosmetic changes. It integrates seamlessly with search engines and social media, and you can see content from our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook right on our site. Everything on the site adjusts automatically to fit your tablet or smartphone screen. Seriously; try it.

We’ve stuck with our policy to show only local ads on the site, and we’ve enhanced their integration with a light touch we hope will please both readers and advertisers. The calendar is back, now with an easy submission system. That means our online readers will enjoy the same comprehensive view of upcoming events as they do in the print version of The Sopris Sun. You’ll also notice the donate button right up top — a reminder that we can’t make all this happen without many different kinds of local support, including yours.

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If I seem excited, it’s not because the old website was fundamentally flawed. In fact, compared to the rudimentary Google Site I put up in the days before The Sun rose, it was a quantum leap forward. For the current update, we’ve had the good fortune to work with our long-time partners, the wizards at Carbondale-based Footsteps Marketing.

The time for this next step had come. We’ve seen a tremendous surge in web visits, which underscored the need for this upgrade. It’s a great problem to have, and now we have the flexibility to grow with you. This is just Phase One. The new site platform gives us a lot of room to expand and add features, so keep on clicking. Or, if you’ve never visited our site, now’s the time.

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Don’t worry; this effort to improve our digital platform in no way dampens our commitment to our print edition. There’s nothing to say you can’t catch us online when you’re on the go or there’s breaking news and still sit down with a physical paper for a more leisurely visit. We are here for you however you like to stay connected.

Speaking of which, as part of our ongoing partnership with KDNK, the station has offered us a half hour of air time to talk about some of the issues we cover. We’ve been working out the kinks over the past few week and are ready to officially debut “Everything Under The Sun” at 4 p.m. on Thursdays. Tune into 88.1 (or 88.3 / 88.5 depending on your location) and, if you’re like me, just leave the dial there. We’ll expand on what’s in the paper, bring in guests, take calls and generally seize another opportunity to connect with the community.

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