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Dear Editor:

It’s been just about three years since I moved to Carbondale after 16 years in Glenwood Springs. Never made a better move in my life.

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The biggest reason I left Glenwood Springs was the traffic. It was frustrating trying to get anywhere between the hours of 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Hailing from the Chicago area, I’d had enough of fighting traffic.

The Glenwood Springs city fathers sure blew it when they had a chance to build a bypass on Midland Ave. Now, with all the housing that’s grown up there, they couldn’t do it unless they condemned a bunch of property.

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The downtown businesses were against a bypass because they were afraid it would chase away business. So now shoppers stay away from downtown because the traffic is so bad.

Traffic moves fairly smoothly through Carbondale unless Mountain Fair, Potato Day, First Friday, or Farmer’s Market have the streets closed. Maybe it’s because so many Carbundians walk or bike. Yes, the fact that we’re off of 82 is a huge factor.

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Glenwood Springs is really a small town trying to be a big city. Police Chief Terry Wilson said it’s not Mayberry anymore, even though they stole Floyd’s Barber Shop away from us. I say it ain’t Chicago, either. Carbondale’s a small town and proud of it.

Glenwood Springs is the county seat, but the county fair is in Rifle. A county fair is much too mundane for the sophisticates of Glenwood Springs. Carbondale would jump at the opportunity to host the county fair. We love a party.

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When strangers meet on the street in Carbondale, they smile, look each other straight in the eye, and say hello. In Glenwood Springs, they walk right by you with their nose in their phones. You can jump right in their face and say hello and they’ll still ignore you.

Glenwood Springs residents treat their city like it’s a landfill. They throw trash everywhere. I’ve seen private citizens of Carbondale go out of their way to pick up a piece of trash and throw it in the proper receptacles which have been amply provided by the town. We have pride in our community.

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Glenwood Springs has the 19th Street Diner with its excellent homemade specials, but they’re a little high in carbs to meet with Dr. Feinsinger’s approval. Carbondale’s Village Smithy is tasty, too, and good for you as well.

My experience with the Glenwood Springs police is they very much have a them and us attitude. The Carbondale police see themselves more as public servants.

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The Glenwood Springs snow removal team will not plow until it stops snowing. The plows in Carbondale move as soon as the streets become hazardous.

Glenwood Springs has one feature Carbondale doesn’t have; the hot springs pool.

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Fred Malo Jr.


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