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Dear Editor:

I, for one, don’t care for Roundup in my food. Roundup is the herbicide that has inspired over 300 lawsuits citing medical evidence it causes cancer.

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Roundup is made by Monsanto, the same company that manufactured Agent Orange. Does Monsanto have to produce products that kill or make us sick?

Working on a wheat farm in the ’70s, I noticed how the farmers spread Roundup on their crops like butter on bread right before harvest. Ironically, it was farmers that first reported the malignant tumors.

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I’m not crazy about GMOs, gluten, or neurotoxins, either. All these poisons are commonly found in conventionally grown produce. They’re not found in organically produced food.

Fortunately, we here in Carbondale and the rest of the Roaring Fork Valley have plentiful choices of suppliers of organics. I was delighted to see Mana Foods replace Dandelion Market at the corner of Highway 133 and Sopris Avenue. The husband and wife team of Sontantar Anderson and Paramroop Khalsa are providing us with a variety of healthy foods and no junk food.

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In Glenwood Springs, Vitamin Cottage, a subsidiary of Natural Grocers, and in Willits, Whole Foods, a subsidiary of Amazon, offer a good selection of organics. Neither has seen their quality go down since they were gobbled up by larger corporations.

I’m very much looking forward to the Carbondale Farmer’s Market, which will have its first day Wednesday, June 13. Manager Ben Armstrong attracts a strong lineup of organic growers.

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Yes, organics cost more, but how much money is your health worth?

Fred Malo Jr.

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