The Sopris Sun

Weigh in on the Crystal Trail

Dear Editor:

Due to a 2.5 percent response on a first survey, Pitkin County OST has designed a second survey and the time is now to have your opinion considered regarding the proposal to build a trail up the Crystal!  You do not need to be a Pitkin County resident to participate.

Pitkin County OST offers two alternatives: Option A which would follow the highway corridor and Option B which would follow the old RR grade on the east side of the river; traveling through neighborhoods and critical Wildlife Habitat. Sadly, the alternatives of widening the highway or doing nothing at all were not entertained. However, there is no reason you cannot state this as your choice on the updated survey.

In my mind, it is paradoxical that on the heels of OST spending 36 million dollars on Crystal River property acquisition to promote habitat connectivity and biodiversity that they are now considering Option B which would significantly impact river, riparian and wildlife habitat in this narrow valley corridor.  My concerns are:

The Crystal River Valley is magnificent and we stand to lose it as it currently exists. A friend recently said to me ” We mustn’t let our lust for enjoying these spaces cloud our perspective in considering the threat we may actually pose by upsetting their delicate ecological balance”.   Please participate in the future of this valley by going to, finding the hidden “click here for a link to the survey” and voicing your concerns. Going to page 190 on the Draft Plan will help you to answer the questions but short of this just find a spot on the survey to state your concerns. On June 26 at 4 p.m. in the Calaway Room at the Third Street Center in Carbondale there will be an opportunity to voice concerns to the Pitco OST and Board of County Commissioners.  

Heather Froelicher
Crystal River Valley