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What is your New Years resolution?


“Make time to make more art and to get my body moving at least five days a week.”
– Kat Rich

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“Mine for me is to pay less attention to political commentary,
and for him is to watch less cartoons.”
– Hayden and Atlas Leybourne

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“Sit less; move more.”
– Eric Brendlinger


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“To participate and bring more into the community.”
– Savanna Schaaf

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“To have as many joyful moments as I can with my friends and family.”
– Ben Mackin

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“Practice more guitar and tell people I love them more.”
– Mateo Sandante

“To find more creative ways to serve our community,
and particularly folks who are struggling to survive here.”
– Lance Norton

“To be more intentional in connecting with our Latino community to help them study computers, math or English to find other opportunities.”
– Valley Settlement’s Adult Education Program

“I’m committing to call someone every week that I haven’t had contact with in a while.”
– John Bruna