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Does it matter? You get to decide.

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This is a love story of sorts. About this great town and what an example it is of how — when people, organizations, businesses, and government institutions work together — amazing things can, will… and do happen.

Take this paper you are holding in your hands or reading online. It’s just one of many things that exemplifies what makes Carbondale so special. Like a beautiful tapestry, it takes many threads, every single week, to bring The Sopris Sun to you. At the same time — extending that metaphor a little further — Carbondale’s paper also helps weave this community together.

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I recently completed six years on The Sopris Sun’s board, service that gave me much more than I could ever give back. I was ready to move on at the end of those two terms, but I will always cherish this paper and the way it continues to deepen my connections in and to this special place. When I moved here seven-and-a-half years ago from Oregon, I knew almost no one. The Sopris Sun and KDNK were my unofficial welcome committees! There are many people who wouldn’t know me if we passed on the street, but we are not really strangers because I’ve read about them in these pages or heard their voices on the radio. In over 25 years in Portland, I never felt anything close to that level of personal connection to the Rose City.

Which brings me to the question I wanted to ask in this column today. Does it matter? Does it matter to you that Carbondale is the rare small town that still has its very own newspaper? (You know how I feel.) Because if it does — even if you only pick up an issue once in a while, or read an article now and again online or through Facebook or Instagram — now’s the time to shower a little of your love on The Sun. Help this weaver of people, businesses, nonprofits, schools, college, and government continue to play its part in making Carbondale Carbondale. Give before June 21 and you will help the paper meet its Summer Solstice fundraising goal.

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Supporting The Sopris Sun is so darn easy, especially if you do what I did and set up an automatic tax-deductible monthly donation from your bank account. If enough people just gave $5 each month, it would make a big difference. If you read this paper every week, that would just about cover the cost of bringing it to you.

There are other ways to show your love. A very important one is to support the businesses that do their part, through advertising, to make this paper possible. When you can, thank them for being advertisers. I buy all my gas (and a bunch of other things) at the Roaring Fork Valley Coop. Why? Because they regularly run ads in The Sun. And, when it’s in the flow, I thank the manager or person checking me out at the register for choosing to work this paper into their ad budget. It matters.

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Would I think of taking a print to frame anywhere other than Main Street Gallery & The Framer? Never. For the same reason.

Dr. Ben at Carbondale Animal Hospital? He and his staff take care of my dog and cat. All Pets Mobile Vet? Dr. Bogan tends to my horse. Both initially chosen because they regularly advertise here. Alpine Bank? It goes without saying. My list is long.

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We all get to decide. Do we want to cede coverage of our special town to the new upvalley weekly (weakly?) … or the longtime Glenwood daily?

I think not. And you?

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