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Compassion as a way of life

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Compassion is a word most people know and understand. But can compassion become part of everyone’s daily life?

This weekend’s Compassion Film Festival and Symposium at the Third Street Center aims to answer that question. Subtitled “Celebration of Compassion in Action,” the festival combines workshops, films, discussion groups and seminars. All programs encourage festival attendees to understand efforts that make positive changes in the world.

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The event highlights programs of the Way of Compassion organization located in the Third Street Center. The non-profit also includes the Dharma Center, a non-sectarian Buddhist center, and the Bicycle Project that provides tools and parts for people to repair old bicycles. The Way of Compassion Foundation is a registered 501(c) (3) nonprofit.

According to Aaron Taylor, director of the Way of Compassion Foundation, which organizes the festival, “We want to inspire people to find compassionate activities that fit into their lives.”

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The mission of the foundation is “Providing services to help people live meaningful lives.”

Compassion Fest Workshops include the following topics: Linking Physical Reactions to Our Emotions; Attitudinal Healing; Bias-Free Compassion, and Compassion Rocks.

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Full-length feature films zero in on the goals of the festival. “A Sacred Journey” describes the story of one brother, diagnosed with a shattering illness, as another brother must face his own demons. The family struggles to pick up the pieces and stay together in this portrait of love.

The documentary “A Miracle a Day” focuses on the All Bengal Women’s Union Welfare Home for Girls in Kolkata (Calcutta), India. The third full-length film “Let Us Dance,” describes a dance therapy project in Tahiti. It produces a performance mixing contemporary dance and Polynesian dance performed by professional dancers and disabled dancers.

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Saturday, Aug. 10 is a day of short films, which focus on compassion. The morning offers seven films, as does the afternoon program.

The Festival also presents a variety of other activities.

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Saturday’s main evening event “Compassion in Action” features Shereen Sarick of Aspen. She will talk about the Marshyangdi School in Kathmandu, Nepal. Sarick and her son Jack taught at the school for a few months of a year long volunteer adventure. “We learned as much as we taught,” she explained.

The school was founded in 1993 by Sonam Lama, who continues to serve as principal. The Marshyangdi School in Kathmandu, Nepal currently provides education, room, board, community, and health care to 210 students from all over the country. Marshyangdi School relies on private philanthropy.Earthquakes rocked the region in 2015 and crumbled parts of the school. Five students died. “That’s when I decided to get more involved,” Sarick, said.

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Now, Sarick and the board of a non-profit she started after the earthquake are working to build a new facility. This campus will be able to house twice as many students, expand to be K-12, offer a more open green setting, as well as be structurally resistant to earthquakes. For more information, go to

In English

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Conchita Remerez lives in the Roaring Fork Valley and is presenting “Conscious activities to support the building of safe relationships understanding and compassion. He is the founder of the “Institute of Sciences for Human Florence,” creator of the Diploma “Mindfulness, Compassion, and Human Florence” and author of the book “Cultivating Your Internal Mentor: Mindfulness and Goodwill.

The aim of this workshop is to present the FocusedKids program, building healthy brains through conscious activities. Socio-emotional health in our children and in ourselves begins with compassionate and safe relationships, which lead to healthy brain development and ultimately to the success of life.)

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An English language Yoga Workshop is set for Saturday, Aug. 10 at 7:45 a.m..

The Sunday morning program focuses on an interfaith panel to discuss the perspectives of compassion in action according to Jewish, Christian, Bahi faiths.

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In addition, a Bilingual Yoga Workshop is scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 11 at 8:00 a.m. taught by Grace Tennant and Veronica Boscherino.

The Festival begins on Friday, Aug. 9 and concludes on Sunday, Aug. 11. Tickets are available at

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En Español

Conchita Remerez vive en el valle del Fork Roaring y presenta “Actividades conscientes para apoyar la construcción de relaciones seguras.”

Valentin Mendez de Mexico City enseña comprensión y compasión. Es el fundador del “Instituto de Ciencias para el Florecimiento Humano,” creador del Diplomado “Mindfulness, Compasión y Florecimiento Humano” y autor del libro “Cultivando tu Mentor Interno: Mindfulness y Buena Voluntad: Sábado 10 de agosto a las 10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. y a 3:30 p.m. – 5 p.m.

El objectivo de de este taller es presentar el programa FocusedKids, construyendo cerebros sanos mediante actividades conscientes. La salud socio-emocional en nuestros hijos y en nosotros mismos comienza con relaciones compasivas y seguras, que conducen a un desarrollo cerebral saludable y, en última instancia, al éxito de la vida”: El sábado 10 de agosto a las 1:30 p.m. – 3 p.m.

Además, el Taller Bilingüe de Yoga está programado para el domingo 11 de agosto a las 8:00 a.m., impartido por Grace Tennant y Veronica Boscherino.