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P&Z approves local lumber location

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Carbondale Marketplace took a big step forward as the Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved the Preliminary/Final Plat submitted by Builders FirstSource to build a lumber yard showroom, an office building and a warehouse. 

Bob Schultz, representing Crystal River Marketplace, said “This is a good fit with previous approvals.”

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He also explained the site will work toward a “barn” architectural theme, adding, “Everyone driving past on Highway 133 isn’t looking at building materials.”

Those materials, he noted, will be screened from view, and parking for cars and trucks will be in the rear. Also, the facility will only be open weekdays during normal business hours. 

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The Board of Trustees approved a major site plan review of the Marketplace subdivision in 2018, which would later include the now under-construction City Market.

Builders FirstSouce is headquartered in Dallas TX and describes itself as the nation’s largest supplier of structural building products, value-added components and services to the professional market for new residential construction and repair and remodeling. 

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Presently, the company has two lumber facilities in the area — Glenwood Springs and Aspen — and a Basalt showroom. Builders plans to consolidate operations in Carbondale.

The total size of the building encompasses 29,240 square feet with three components:a 3,240 square foot showroom for building materials, a 9,000 square foot office/retail building and a 17,000 square foot warehouse.
Planning and zoning staff recommended the complete proposal be referred to the Board of Trustees as it is the approving authority for the Final Plat and because the building is so close to the Major Site Plan Review threshold of 30,000 square feet.

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Commission member Jay Engstrom asked which types of machinery would be onsite. Schultz responded, “Only forklifts and trucks.”

Ken Harrington, commission vice chair, inquired about the number of employees, to which Schultz replied 38. 

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Schultz said four to six of those are from Carbondale. He also quoted a statistic that one of six Carbondalians work in construction.

The Future Land Use Map in the Carbondale Comprehensive Plan designates this area as “New Urban” described as urban, pedestrian/bike oriented. Buildings and corner buildings are close to the sidewalks/streets. Parking is to be located in landscaped lots behind the buildings or in courtyards. Also included are commercial, mixed-use and urban residential plus light industrial, local food production, small-scale lodging and live/work options.

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Schultz also pointed to the sales tax benefits to Carbondale and reported that all truck traffic will be directed away from customer parking.

“Contractors can readily pull up to the loading dock and quickly exit,” he said, “It is an auto-oriented location.”

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The site is located on lot 5A. The applicants requested approval to subdivide that into Lot 5A  at 4.194 acres and Lot 5C at 1.24 acres. Lot 5C was reserved for future development.

In addition, variances were submitted concerning related landscaping/screening, fence height and commercial building design.

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Concerning the landscape requirement of 20 percent, the applicant proposes to subdivide a 15,069 sq. ft. into a 12 ft. wide public bicycle/pedestrian trail, dedicated to the town.

According to the application, “This trail would allow pedestrians and bicyclists to travel from Main St. along Shorty Pabst Way to this proposed trail and then connect to the HIghway 133 trail.”

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The staff report stated “The proposed subdivision complies with all applicable use, density, development and design.” Also, the applicant was commended for efforts in preparing a development proposal which is unique, interesting and in compliance with the UDC (Unified Development Code)” In fact, staff noted, “In a number of areas, the proposal exceeds the requirements.”

Commissioners applauded Builders FirstSource for presenting a comprehensive and sensitive proposal meeting the community’s needs and the goals for Carbondale Marketplace as a mixed use commercial/retail/wholesale environment as was initially zoned.

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The proposal will come before the Board of Trustees on June 23.