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Letters – January 7, 2021

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Thanks Sopris Sun

Thanks to all the writers and staff and, of course, the editor. 2020 saw more small-town papers stop publication than any other year in American history. Your supporters are the best in the world to keep your press running and thriving on ideas of how to stay alive.

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To me this was so important this year as I believe your staff did a great job keeping our community informed about each other. Especially without our beloved fair, yet we live in a great place that has a great newspaper team committed to where they live.

Thanks for being the thread that keeps us connected.

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Blessings on this next year,

Roop Khalsa

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New Castle

Growing in a good way

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This is just to thank Bob Schultz for his letter last week supporting the recent development along Highway 133 in Carbondale. Sometimes “yes” is just as important as “no.” We are growing in a good way. And thank you to the Board of Trustees and to the P & Z. Thank you to us.

James Breasted

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Insanity, buildings

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Insanity, said Einstein, is doing the same thing but expecting a different result. Unfortunately, the Einstein diagnosis means that Carbondale, and this valley, are far around the bend. Some 90 percent of Americans now think climate change is happening. ( But what are we doing about it?

While researching methods of dealing with the lowering of carbon emissions, I came across a Danish company that is manufacturing innovative equipment and products to retrofit and lower the emissions of existing buildings in Europe. Even Carbondale recognizes that existing buildings are a major part of our local greenhouse gas emissions. The Danish spokesperson pointed out that, ironically, the world (and Carbondale) continues to construct new buildings that are also emitting greenhouse gas from burning fossil fuels. These new buildings are now just added to existing buildings that need to be retrofitted.  

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What would Einstein say? When you find yourself in a hole — Stop digging! The technology exists for new buildings to be free of emissions. We should demand that they use it. Parts of California are now requiring this. New gas lines are not allowed.

There are existing building codes that do require new structures to be more efficient. We also have new requirements for solar panels on some buildings. But all these buildings are still part of the problem. I suggest we get tough on this and only allow fossil fuel-free buildings. And soon. We are in the midst of a development boom. Changing these building codes will spur innovation and push for better pricing on the kinds of practices, materials and products that can solve these problems.  

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Patrick Hunter 


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Counting the days

We Americans are experiencing the highest hospitalization and death rates and most dire effects of the COVID pandemic to date. Our “leader,” who neglected to provide a plan for dissemination of the vaccine, is busy golfing, obstructing congress’ ability to provide us with aid, and making threatening calls to reverse the results of the election, which he lost after months of trying to skew it in his favor.

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Biden won the election by more than 7 million votes and by a margin of 306 to 232 in the Electoral College. Trump has lost 60 of 61 challenges in the courts. Despite the flim-flam circulating in Lauren Boebert’s head and on social media, Trump supporters’ accusations of irregularities and fraud could not be substantiated in the courtrooms where there are penalties for lying.

On Jan. 3, 2021, our “Law and Order President” called Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. In the call, which Raffensperger recorded, Trump asked Raffensperger to adjust Georgia’s vote to give the election to Trump by a single vote, telling him that he could just say that he had recalculated. Trump also demanded information about Georgia voters, including their voter IDs and registrations. When he was told the state is prohibited from sharing that information, Trump said, “Well, you have to.” In our United States it is against the law to “solicit” or “request” election fraud. How many more times is Trump going to break our laws and debase our society with his mobster tactics?

Counting the days.

Annette Roberts-Gray


Restore the Postal Service

I very much look forward to the turning over of new leaves. I can feel a softening. People are taking this new year seriously. Even Jupiter and Saturn have forged new bonds. We have a lot to put right. Laws to ensure clean air, clean water, soil, food, employee safety. My pet project is freeing the Postal Service from Director De Joy’s ministrations. He had slowed service before the election and is drumming up business for private carriers. I want the sorting machines and blue boxes back, the office staffed at pre-Louis De Joy levels. I’m tired of the long waits in line with frustrated people and the mail clerks looking over-worked and harried. I want my cheerful postal workers back. The U.S. Postal Service has dutifully maintained the backbone of communication and commerce in America since its inception. There is a reason it is called the Postal Service. Let’s insist on its full restoration.

John Hoffmann


Taxing the rich

Taxing the rich is a Democrat fairy tale, believed only by naive idealists. Let me count the ways. First, there are as many rich Donkeys as there are rich Elephants. Does anyone really believe the beastie billionaires are worried? Second, most folks didn’t get rich via the lottery. Like Yogi, they’re smarter than the average bear. When you raise the cost of doing business, they just pass it on to those naive souls who believe the rich are getting taxed. Third, if they don’t pass along tax increases, they move to greener pastures. During Obama and Biden’s eight years in power, Google says California lost 1,687 companies and the US lost millions of jobs to China and others. The Cognitively Challenged One, elect, has promised to raise taxes on the rich. I suggest hiding your wallets, folks. Unless you believe in fairy tales.

Bruno Kirchenwitz