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Letters – February 25, 2021

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Light the Night with Love shined brightly, bringing community members, artists, youth and sponsors together to spread joy and laughter. Carbondale Arts believes this is crucial as we maneuver through what, we hope, are the final months of strict COVID regulations. The event was safe and creative and we have deep gratitude for our community who kept it so. We also want to thank Barbara Frota who inspired us to move forward with this event, especially during these uncertain times. Additional thanks to our sponsors, who saw the benefit of this event and stepped up to make it happen. These are: Dalby Wendland & Co., Kevin Gibson and Carlos Ulloa-Jaquez, Frosty and Carly Merriott, The Rebekah Lodge, Angela Bruno and Greg McClain , Carbondale Family Dental, Alpine Bank, KDNK, The American Heart Association and Carbondale Age-Friendly Community Initiative.
The creativity and artistry that was shared by our artists and performers made this event what it was. Thanks to Marilyn Lowey, Loren Wilder, Yoli Laguerre, Keith D’Angelo, Garrett Waltsak, Nico Heins, Gabriela Mejia, Hannah Sutton Stoll, Cate Johnson, Zakriya Rabani, Fischer Cherry, Bonedale Flashmob/Alexandra Jerkunica, Joe Burleigh, Raleigh Burleigh, Anna Jasmine, Jill Scher and Jan Schubert, 5Point Film Festival, Bridges High School and VOICES, Dance Initiative, Claim Jumpers, Genevieve Villamizar, Chad Patrick and their team of drummers, Larry Yazzie, Corey Summers, Ernie Priest and Tanell Lavender and Natalie Rae.
Many people stepped up to make this happen, especially Aly Sanguilly, Molly DeMarr, Sarah Overbeck, Kellyn Wardell, Brian Colley, Amy Kimberly, Kenna Steindler, Tsama Pineda, Joey Staron, Bill Laemmel, Amber Sparkles, Deborah Colley, April Crow-Spaulding, St. Stephens, Ross Montessori, Studio for Art+Work, Dos Gringos, Kat Rich, Jeff Britt, Gay for Good, Mark Burrows, Rocky Mountain High Dispensary, The Property Shop, 450 Tepanyaki, Cripple Creek, and Coloradough.
Big thank you to the community for decorating farolitos with such creativity and loving intention. We are also grateful for the handful of the Rio Grande Trail residents that decorated their homes with string lights or donated power so that we could light up the bike path. We’re also deeply grateful for all the volunteers that showed up to put on this event.
Lastly, we could not do this without the deep support of Roaring Fork Transportation Authority and Brett Meredith. They oversee the Rio Grande ARTway and provide joy all year round.
Carbondale Creative District

For the time being

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A life is finite
Comes and goes before you know
Yet lasts a lifetime

JM Jesse
Glenwood Springs

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Our friend Clay
I can’t tell you enough how much I cheered your response to Steve Campbell’s letter. I get so sick of those one word hostile, smug, nasty letters.
Thanks for your endurance.
Stephanie Janiga

Perhaps it is time for Carbondale to petition to secede from Garfield County. There is historical precedent of other U.S. counties doing the same. County Commissioner Tom Jankovsky represents the Carbondale district but the voting record shows he was primarily elected by the Glenwood Springs and Rifle voters. He clearly lost among the Carbondale voters. That is just one reason among many core philosophical differences; Carbondale is not being represented by the Garfield County Commissioners.
But, realistically, Carbondale does not have the tax base to become “Carbondale County.”
However, perhaps Pitkin County (which already includes Redstone) could be petitioned to add Carbondale. Both the voting record of Pitkin County and the lifestyles of the workers are very similar to Carbondale.
Gary Pax

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Impeachment trial
I watched much of the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Here is partly my perspective. Civic education as I once experienced it has mostly vanished from our schools. Therefore, people don’t see themselves as citizens. Instead, they think and feel tribally. Over most of human history, humans have considered themselves as members of a tribe. In other words, for lack of education, people resort to old ways of thinking and being. Trumpism is based on this atavism. The founding fathers and the framers of the Constitution were members of the Enlightenment which by its very nature assumed that tribalism was gone for good. Wrong! It’s back! Seventy-five years ago, the land which produced the musician and composer Johann Sebastian Bach burned alive gypsies, homosexuals and Jews. It can happen again here. On Jan. 6, it happened at the U.S. Capital in Washington, D.C. And last week, 43 U.S. senators voted to find Trump “not-guilty.” Tribalism is way more fatal for humanity than COVID-19.
James Breasted

A truly great American has been taken from us. I cried when I learned of Rush Limbaugh’s passing. He extolled America’s unique freedoms and opportunity. His Excellence in Broadcasting dealt in disseminating facts not feelings. Rush chastised liberals and conservatives alike with a keen wit and biting sense of humor. He entertained us while we learned the whole story. He shouted America’s greatness from radio’s rooftops. He was the little guy who made good but never lost touch with his roots. While the 4th Estate, big tech, and mass media have mostly devolved into agenda-driven propagandists, Mr. Limbaugh always spoke truth to power. Verily, Rush Limbaugh was a talent on loan from God. R.I.P. RUSH.
Bruno Kirchenwitz

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Importance of truth
The most important lesson that I took from the past few years, is how utterly indispensable truth is to maintaining a democracy. The high-minded concepts laid out in our constitution, demands fealty to integrity and clear minded administration of the constitutional process. Without integrity, the system is shown to flounder and capsizes into a chaos of mistrust and authoritarian oligarchy.
John Hoffmann

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