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Letters – July 22, 2021

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Honoring our roots

I want to thank Bruno Kirchenwitz for his appreciation of the USA to which he and his family immigrated in 1954. I am glad his family has thrived. I don’t agree that the media is dividing our country by identifying where people’s origins are and what religions they have. To strip a person of their original culture and demand they be something else can be a great abuse; that is what was done to Native American children in the residential schools where they were not allowed to speak their own languages or wear traditional clothing or hairdos. They were the first nations of this continent. Acknowledging and honoring our roots keeps us whole and allows us all to learn about the beauty and wisdom that can be found all over the world and in our neighbors. We don’t have to change who we are to be Americans working for the good of all people in our country.

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Illène Pevec


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Buddy up

As  a  bilingual  Case  Manager  at  the  Buddy  Program,  I  have the opportunity to interact with many of our valley’s community members.  Interact  is  an  understatement;  I  get  to  see  growth, fulfillment,  joy and the  many  ups and downs  of relationships.  Our Community Program pairs adult volunteers with youth who have an  interest  in  learning  from  someone  outside  their  family,  having fun exploring our beautiful valley and having someone to confide in. Last year, I became a Big Buddy myself, and gaining the trust of  my  Little  Buddy  and  exploring  the  world  through  her  eyes  has had a profound impact on me.

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As we recover from the many effects of the pandemic, one thing is very clear: our valley’s youth need our support more than ever. The isolation, fear and uncertainty was magnified in many of their lives. Some are still anxious about returning to school inperson. What better way to invest in our future than to be an extra support for one of our community’s youth? Our School Based program will ramp up in the fall and many hopeful elementary and middle school-aged students would be thrilled to have their very own Big Buddy visit them during lunch. Our School Based mentors bring much needed fun and distraction to youth once a  week  during  their  lunch  recess.  What  better  way  to  shake  off the pandemic than to meet a Little Buddy during your lunch break and see the happiness and excitement in their eyes as you experience the world with them?

Please contact our Recruitment Manager Laura Seay to find out more about our Community and School Based programs:

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Clara  Blakely

The Buddy Program

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Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness

We support the White River National Forest’s thoughtful plans for protecting this iconic place while ensuring people continue to have quality wilderness experiences. Managing the impacts  of  increasing  recreation  on our public  lands  presents many challenges, and we’re glad to see the Forest Service engaging the public meaningfully in developing solutions for the treasured Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness.

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At the same time, we’re highly concerned that fee systems on our public lands contribute to long-standing inequities in who benefits from our wilderness areas – inequities which Wilderness Workshop is committed to addressing and helping to overcome. Systemic barriers impact both peoples’ ability to access public lands, as well as participation in the political and decision-making processes around environmental impacts and benefits. We will be working with the Forest Service and our local community to ensure  any  new  fees or regulations are administered  in an  equitable manner and our public lands and treasured wilderness areas serve all members of our community.

Will Roush

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Wilderness Workshop Executive Director


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The Fourth Estate, Big Tech and our government are colluding to form public opinion instead of informing the public to the detriment of us all.

Bruno Kirchenwitz

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