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The Thomas Lawley legacy

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Poem by Paula Lawley

Wife of the late Thomas Lawley

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(Mountain Fair Director 1986-2003)


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A happy smile, a twinkle in his eye

An easy laugh, he was dubbed “Mr. Nice Guy”

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Who loved his job promoting the arts

Plus concerts, dance and plays

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All done with a happy heart

Working non-stop, he truly enjoyed

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All aspects of planning, organizing and doing his part.

Teamwork was always close to his heart

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Fostering comradery right from the start

With his practical organizer’s flair

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For 17 years he produced his favorite venue

The Carbondale Mountain Fair

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— Made it look easy, fun, artfully-organized

And so well-prepared

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He truly cherished the crown jewel of his career.

His patient attitude was respected and revered

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By all participants he so diligently served

Always helpful, accommodating, he never once swerved

By being overbearing, dismissive or perturbed

— Thus creating an attitude of gratitude

So well deserved.

Humor was his life’s favorite game

Along with volleyball, pingpong and the jokes he played

Attracting kindred spirits like moths to a flame

He truly earned the title “Mr. Fun” as a nickname.

A respect for nature, the truth and community dreams

He shared with family, friends and for all to see

Working tirelessly to make the world a happier place

Done with kindness for young and old

The disabled and displaced

Generously granting everyone equal space.

He blessed us all with a light-hearted grace

And we will always cherish his sparkle that stays

When we remember those good times, the laughter and joy

And his smiling face.

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