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    Branching Out: Respecting life and death

    Is a dead animal of value, or just trash?
    I’m forced to ponder this after retrieving a dead creature from Highway 133. We didn’t want cars to smash the animal to oblivion.
    The night had been exceptionally dark, stars and moon veiled by snow clouds. Not… read more →

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    689 gets a new edge

    A young participant practices his axe throwing. Photos by Sue Rollyson.

    Upon arrival, it’s hard to know what to expect at AX’D BABE, Carbondale’s newest venture behind 689 Main Street. Through the wrought iron gate, straw bales circle up to wood-burning fire pits and light…

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    Where the butterfly lands

    José Miranda drains the meat with Ayla witnessing the process, embracing a hen. Photo by Paula Mayer.

    Erin Cuseo, Ayla’s mother and a devoted agricultor, teaches her children the wonderful and sometimes sad realities of food production. Photo by Paula Mayer.


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    Injured Wildlife 101

    A cow elk with a bar stool stuck on her head. Courtesy image.

    In December, my housemate discovered a buck in our yard with an injured leg and mangled antler.
    What do you do for injured wildlife?
    “Ideally, leave it alone and…

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    Naturalist Nights 

    Welcoming abundance through Hopi tradition and science

    In winters past, locals in the know have enjoyed many cozy evenings “sitting at the feet” of diverse presenters sharing their specialized insight for coexisting on Earth. These annual Naturalist Nights, co-hosted by the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, Wilderness…

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    A cause for pause

    The “boop boop” of the key fob was all good but the car was so iced over that I had to narf on the front door to crack the shell and get in. Inside my leaky, ancient Subaru, every window was also covered in a film of hard… read more →

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    Branching Out: Revelling in magnificence

    The hardest part is knowing which to do – the hustle to get in there, or the walk — so silent, you can hear the pulse in your own body. The former is spiked with adrenaline; with an anxious wanting and hope. The latter, drenched in adrenaline; an anxious wanting… read more →

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    Branching Out: Artemis outdoors club for girls

    After I write this, I’ll be guiding five fourth and fifth grade girls in fresh snow. On walkabout, we’ll focus not on the cold, but the stories we encounter in whiteness, letting the natural world fill and propel us for an afternoon.

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    Branching Out: Dear mountains

    I see an orange flash amid the mowed green clover and brome, roadside. Fox. Dead. Fur, still like down fluff. Its form is lithe, not yet bloated. Heading to a favorite fishing hole late in the day, I can’t stop. Can’t do both. I’ll come back tomorrow.

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    Branching Out: Ruminations on consumption

    Yvon Chouinard’s favorite quote about entrepreneurship is “that to understand an entrepreneur, you should study a juvenile delinquent. They’re both saying “this sucks and I’m going to do it another way.” You have to break the rules and prove that your way works.”

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