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    Shippee Open Space sustains Highland cattle and elk

    There’s a precious parcel of land where the Avalanche elk herd can forage in peace, away from shoulder-season recreation on the Crown. It’s sandwiched between two chunks of private Mountain Primal Meat Company acreage. It’s enclosed in a multitude of adjacent conservation easements. It’s Pitkin County’s Shippee Open Space. read more →

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    Burning out the old, bringing in the new

    Burning the land is a spring rite practiced for centuries around the world by the indigenous and attuned peoples of Earth. It perpetuates resilient succession within forests and renewal processes across grasslands. Fire has always been a natural part of evolution, and ancient humans picked up on that.
    Carbondale… read more →

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    A toast to open space ag lands

    Pat Scanlon, co-founder of Woody Creek Distillers (WCD), would trial nine potato varieties in search of the perfect vodka potato. In so doing, WCD became the first lessees to grow vegetables on Pitkin County Open Space and Trails ag lands.
    “Of course it would be a Colorado potato,” Scanlon… read more →

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    Honoring women peacemakers

    “I was worried that people would say, ‘Oh gosh, I could never bring the whole Masai village back or anything like that!’ I want readers to see the tactics of these women so they can apply them on an everyday basis as ordinary people.”
    Paonia farmer and author… read more →

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    Sinking roots in stewardship

    The sole function of land — its ecosystems and all life therein — is to perpetuate itself. Plants or creatures at every (in)conceivable scale feast upon one another, building soil, circulating water, and distributing byproducts — infinitely. Land is nourishment; it’s that simple.
    A simple concept, but easy to… read more →

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    Siembra invernal

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    En las próximas décadas, veremos al COVID como un capítulo de plantar semillas por más tiempo; un tiempo de desaceleración y reconexión. De más tiempo en el portal, de caminatas largas y de más tiempo auténtico de naturaleza.
    En estos momentos más lentos, ¿notaste algo… read more →

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    Branching Out: Untethered in time

    Before asphalt opened the Rio Grande Trail to a continuous flow of humans, it was a regular haunt of mine and my golden retriever Zoë. Being my bird dog and running companion, Nature was the stage of our time spent together. He was the furry, warm-hearted courage I needed to… read more →

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    Winter sowing

    Decades from now, we’ll look back on COVID as a chapter of planting the seeds for more Time; a time of slowing down and of reconnection. Of more front porch time, of long walks time, and of more authentic Nature time. 

    In these slower moments, did you happen to notice… read more →

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    A closer look at Pitkin County Open Space and Trails

    “If you want to walk in the grocery store and buy something that was grown locally, that tastes good, then you’ve got to invest resources in protecting the land base.”
    This is the vision and mission of Acquisition and Special Projects Director Dale Will, with Pitkin County Open Space… read more →

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    Branching Out: Respecting life and death

    Is a dead animal of value, or just trash?
    I’m forced to ponder this after retrieving a dead creature from Highway 133. We didn’t want cars to smash the animal to oblivion.
    The night had been exceptionally dark, stars and moon veiled by snow clouds. Not… read more →