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    Waldorf students resiliently face the times

    “Oh to be young again,” so the sentiment goes… However, these days the youth may be less envied. Students across the nation undergo the new normal either in familiar hallways or over a computer monitor in the refuge of their homes. 

    The Waldorf school has setread more →

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    Roz Turnbull, a friend to Carbondale

    Locals remember Rosamond (Rozzie) Turnbull (May 1, 1943 – July 4, 2020) as an exceedingly kind woman with red hair and an infectious smile she never lost — a woman who would take all the time in the world for the sake of a friend or relative.  Forread more →

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    Carbondale’s BOT meetings translated in real time

    On Aug. 25, the Town of Carbondale (TOC) held its first ever Spanish translated Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting via Zoom. This puts Carbondale yet another step closer toward transparency with the Spanish speaking portion of its community. 

    While before meetings could merely be summarized andread more →

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    Wilhelm gets out there amid tough race

    The Democratic nominee for the Colorado House of Representatives 57th District (HD 57) Colin Wilhelm is fighting an uphill battle as the district historically votes Republican. 

    Incumbent Perry Will was appointed to the post in spring 2019 after his predecessor, Bob Rankin (R), was appointed toread more →

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    You can still shop second hand

    Thrifty finds are making a comeback and it’s a good thing because their customer base has apparently been chomping at the bit to get in on the action. 

    Though it may seem counterintuitive to shop second hand — as far as passing along germs goes —read more →

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    Fires affect infrastructure in the valley and beyond

    While the fight against the Grizzly Creek Fire wages on, infrastructural repercussions continue to mount — some of which will not be fully assessed until the inferno is extinguished. 


    The prolonged closure of I-70 has caused delays for businesses and institutions which rely on supplyread more →

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    Mind Springs kicks overdose awareness up a notch

    August is overdose awareness month and Mind Springs Health (MSH) is using the time to educate locals about the opioid epidemic and how overdosing can be prevented or even reversed at the time it’s taking place.

    According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 67,367 peopleread more →

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    Fire closes Interstate in South Canyon

    A brush fire in South Canyon prompted a full closure of Interstate 70 from Canyon Creek to Glenwood Springs and a westbound closure at Dotsero as several agencies battle the blaze.

    The cause of the fire is unknown, but  it was reported at 2:32 p.m. on Aug. 5,… read more →

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    Longstanding Thompson Divide issue heads to the senate floor

    Heave ho, here we go. The long stasis of uncertainty surrounding the fate of Thompson Divide yet again has a chance to cross the seemingly elusive finish line. 

    The Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy (CORE) Act is in the midst of federal legislation and if passedread more →

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    How local theatre troupes are coping

    A striking side of theatre is its history; or rather its omnipresence throughout human existence — at least what’s recorded of it. In and of itself, a theatre’s cannon can be a colorful tool to learn about  history, as its purpose over time has served to emulate theread more →