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    Sculptures past to present

    hroughout town, there are many sculptures standing proudly in  parks or on various street corners. Each has special significance for at least one and perhaps hundreds of locals. Some of the figures have been in place for some time, others have come and gone.

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    Event allows boys to confront their emotions

    Get ready for an event to bring in the new year, which may prompt a communal resolution that could change humanity as we know it. It will be a community open event to discuss the side-effects of masculinity in the world. Here’s the backstory…

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    Will local law enforcement wave the red flag?

    Colorado’s Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO) — also known as the “red flag” gun law — is now in effect.

    The full title for this law is the Deputy Zackari Parrish III Violence Prevention Act named in honor of a Douglas County Deputy who was shotread more →

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    Buddy Program needs more mentors

    January is national mentoring month.  The accolade is meant to acknowledge existing mentors but also to spread awareness about the continual need for mentoring youth in this country. If it were not for mentorship programs throughout the nation there would be many more children experiencing adolescence without viable… read more →

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    Satank — the town that never was

    There is a place on the outskirts of Carbondale where the outsiders reside, where only one road leads, and the stars light your path. You’ve most likely heard of it — it’s called Satank.

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    Two Rivers Unitarian Universalists welcome new minister

    The Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist (TRUU) Congregation of Carbondale is in for a real treat with its new Minister, Rev. Laurie Bushbaum.

    Bushbaum is making her way to our small town from Minneapolis, MN and is looking forward to getting to know the TRUU congregation as well as… read more →

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    Our Latino and Anglo communities don’t interact much, but they could

    In school students learn that what makes America unique is that it is a melting pot of many cultures. This sentiment can be compromised in the “real” world, and when it comes to the Latino and Anglo populations in the Roaring Fork Valley the notion is put toread more →

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    Roaring Fork keeps students in its halls

    Enrollment is up at Roaring Fork High School (RFHS) and the new administration is welcoming the influx with open arms. Lyn Bair, RFHS’s Principal, and Zoe Stern, Assistant Principal, are determined to keep students’ interest up and provide a top notch education for every young person they can.… read more →

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    A kind expression of the youth

    Look out on your left, or on your right, as you peddle or stroll along The Rio Grande Trail Artway for a new installation which will likely incite an emotionally positive response within you.

    Students of Carbondale Middle School (CMS) are using their voices to bringread more →

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    Propaganda Pie offers a Detroit-style pizzolution in Redstone

    The time has come. Propaganda Pie in Redstone has opened its doors to pizza lovers everywhere.

    Only, you do not even have to be a pizza lover to enjoy this delicacy. What is pulled out of their oven is enough to make a food critic’sread more →