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    The Orchard sets the bar for safely congregating

    For several weeks most people have been worshipping from home; either by digitizing into virtual mass on Sundays or simply giving thanks at dinner time. Still, the omission of a weekly congregational gathering is significant to many who find solace in a house of God amongst their neighborsread more →

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    Coping with the coronavirus is especially difficult for our neighbors with autism

    To many of us, the prolonged disruption to our routine was somewhat appreciated. Backyard improvements and walks close to home sufficed for a nice break from the structure of day to day life. However, for someone living with autism or other cognitive disabilities, a change in routine canread more →

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    Carbondalian aims to compassionately address opioid addiction

    Margaret Fay Seldeen — who also goes by Maggie, Mugsy or Mugsy Fay — is taking a step back from music and the Creative District in Carbondale to pursue her passion: fighting opioid addiction here in the Roaring Fork Valley.

    Seldeen sees every individual’s story asread more →

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    Not your garden-variety Farmers Market

    Surprise, surprise! You’ll still get to buy fresh local produce at Fourth and Main this summer after all. Wednesday, June 10 will kick off this year’s Carbondale Farmers Market (CFM) which will continue each Wednesday thereafter through September. 

    As you may have already guessed there willread more →

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    Redstone reticently rallies for summer season

    It’s not likely that life in Redstone has ever been described as fast-paced — at least not since the mining era. But typically, this time of year, tourism picks up and the Boulevard is filled with locals and visitors. Take a walk downtown today and you just mightread more →

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    To not travel or not — there is no question

    As we settle into this next phase people find themselves questioning what it is they can and can not do. After all, much of what we normally do is limited.

    The uncertainty is jumbled between different jurisdictions which have varying measures to counter the spread ofread more →

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    Impact on mental health a given, trends to be seen

    With less hustling and bustling, there may be more time to reflect upon the simple side of things while being a recluse at home. Yet the stresses of daily life have been transformed and these altered ones will likely have an  impact on overall mental health for someread more →

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    Local landlords show leniency

    Generally, this time of month landlords are welcoming payments into their bank accounts or perhaps preparing to reluctantly post an eviction notice on a far overdo tenant’s door. Currently, however,  there is a push to halt evictions for a period of time that’s end is elusive. Here’s howread more →

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    Habitat maintains momentum under new leadership

    Habitat for Humanity Roaring Fork has a new captain at the helm who means to maintain the nonprofit’s momentum while navigating the uncharted waters of today. 

    Gail Schwartz joined Habitat’s board of directors roughly eight months ago and shortly thereafter assumed the role as its more →

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    Is virtual exercise the wave of the future?

    With all this time at home people could — sooner or later — succumb to stir craziness. But have no fear, there are ways to diminish the insanity. 

    One effective antidote is exercise. However, gym goers themselves currently comprise their own category of panic. 

    read more →