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    Democratic and Republican assemblies convened virtually

    The Garfield County Republican and Democratic assemblies convened on March 20. Both of the assemblies were conducted via Zoom, a visual conference call tool utilized significantly throughout the professional world as of late.

    On March 16, Governor Polis signed a bill enabling assemblies to meet remotelyread more →

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    To be without a home in Carbondale amid the pandemic

    With the onset of COVID 19 disrupting everyone’s lives it seems solace these days is found within one’s own home. This time is perhaps particularly distressing for those who simply do not have a roof to isolate under. 

    Lynn Kirchner with Carbondale Homeless Assistance (CHA) isread more →

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    Getting info out in Spanish

    This time in our history casts a hue of uncertainty over everyone. It may be especially confusing for those who do not understand the language the information is given in. 

    Spanish-speaking members of our community do their best to stay informed but the information being spreadread more →

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    Giving and beer works

    Beer and good food make for a great time. Giving back to the community also feels great. Carbondale Beer Works (CBW) combines the two to make a concoction truly satisfying.

    Patrice Fuller bought CBW in 2016 and has used her foothold in the community to help nonprofits fundraise,… read more →

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    Earthy tones debut at fashion show

    Update: Green is the New Black has been delayed until November. 

    It’s a dress, no it’s a skirt… it’s alive! Valley resident Yoli LaGuerre is bringing a new line of fashion to Green is the New Black and it is about as raw as it can get. She specializes…

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    Marble Distilling offers alcohol-free night for teens

    Do you remember ever thinking as a kid, “Gee I wish me and my friends had a place to go this Saturday night — it’s just not fair.” If you grew up in a small town like Carbondale chances are it crossed your mind. Well, the management ofread more →

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    Valley-wide 'America’s Chamber of Commerce' assuages fears but needs more resources to flourish

    Have you heard the business buzz? There is a new regional chamber of commerce with a goal to lift business persons’ interests regardless of their national origin.

    Registered in August 2019, America’s Chamber of Commerce (ACC) is meant for any Roaring Fork and Colorado River Valleyread more →

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    Sculptures past to present

    hroughout town, there are many sculptures standing proudly in  parks or on various street corners. Each has special significance for at least one and perhaps hundreds of locals. Some of the figures have been in place for some time, others have come and gone.

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    Event allows boys to confront their emotions

    Get ready for an event to bring in the new year, which may prompt a communal resolution that could change humanity as we know it. It will be a community open event to discuss the side-effects of masculinity in the world. Here’s the backstory…

    Itread more →

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    Will local law enforcement wave the red flag?

    Colorado’s Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO) — also known as the “red flag” gun law — is now in effect.

    The full title for this law is the Deputy Zackari Parrish III Violence Prevention Act named in honor of a Douglas County Deputy who was shotread more →