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    A happy ending

    It’s no secret that it’s calving season for the Nieslanik Beef crew as their cows are pastured next to the Carbondale Nature Park (aka dog park), where human passersby are treated to storybook scenes of moms and their newborn calves.

    But it’s not such a glamorous scene when one is… read more →

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    For the love of horses ... and dogs and goats

    The indoor riding arena at WindWalkers overflows with love. Hearts cover the walls and free-standing obstacles. Stuffed animals sit atop the posts. Even some of the therapy horses have even sprouted hearts!
    Although Feb. 14 is Valentine’s day, the equine-assisted learning and therapy center on Missouri Heights is celebrating… read more →

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    Cat and owner live happily ever after

    Once upon a time, (4½ years ago, to be exact) Kristin Levey and her son Drake lived in Carbondale, Colorado with her then significant other, Mark.

    Drake was about to turn 15 years old and for his  birthday, Kristin decided that she wanted to getread more →

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    By the light of the moon

    Once upon a time, in the small but quirky town of Carbondale, there lived a woman who wrote a children’s book. She finished the book in no time, had it illustrated and designed by local artists and was quite happy with the finished product. She loved it, inread more →

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    Happy Father’s Day 2018!

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    Skiing a year-round sport for local teen

    Spring has arrived and ski season is just about over in the Roaring Fork Valley. Temperatures are on the rise and snow levels (what little there was this year) are on the wane.  Ski enthusiasts are packing up and putting their skis in storage until next winter. read more →

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    What the fashion?

    The 10th annual Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza took place on Friday and Saturday, March 9 and 10, at the Carbondale Community Center. Tickets were also sold for the dress rehearsal on March 8.

    The show has become so popular that if ticketsread more →

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    A love affair… with plants

    Valentine’s Day 2018 is history, but for Carbondale entrepreneur Sarah Villafranco, it seems like every day is Valentine’s Day as far as her love affair with plants goes.
    The former ER doctor is so particular about the quality of ingredients and plants that go into her Osmia Organic… read more →

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    Fundraiser for new pickleball courts on Feb. 10

    The numbers are growing and the problem is starting to get out of hand. In Carbondale, the number of pickleball addicts has quadrupled in the last two years and that number is expected to climb even higher as more people discover the “high” they feel during a game.
    High… read more →